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Los Angeles: Celebrity Dining Roundup

On your next Los Angeles vacation, you could certainly scour your Zagat or read restaurant reviews on IgoUgo to find the very best culinary experiences. But, let’s be honest here. If you’re headed to Los Angeles, at least a very teensy-weensy part of you is hoping to see celebrities.

(By the way, I don’t know how it works in L.A., but here in New York City, everyone has a teensy-weensy desire to see celebs too. But if you do, you are supposed to ignore them. Not to respect their privacy, mind you, but instead to demonstrate your lack of interest in this celebrity you had a teensy-weensy desire to see. People from New York City have deemed themselves too cool to get excited about anything or anyone.)

Anyway, knowing that if you’re planning to dine out on your next trip to Los Angeles you’d like to multitask and spot some celebs along the way, I decided to skip Zagat for now and instead consult the celebrity weeklies — Us Weekly, People, OK, Star and In Touch — to find out where the celebs have been eating (or, at least, pretending to eat) recently. Turns out Us Weekly is best at reporting on the eating habits of the stars, so if you can only pick one magazine up at the airport on your way to Los Angeles, this is it.

Moonshadows: Star magazine reports that newlyweds LeeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian hosted a brunch at this Malibu eatery on April 23, the day after their nuptials.

Fig & Olive: US Weekly reports Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillipe were spotted at the restaurant’s L.A. outpost on a “hot date.”

Casa Vega: US Weekly reports Denise Richards was spotted “downing margaritas” at this Los Angeles staple for Mexican cuisine.

Dominick’s: Cam Gigandet (anyone know who this is?) was “checking himself out in the mirror” here, according to US Weekly.

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Sadly, I do know who Cam Gigandet is. (He’s in Twilight. I KNOW, I shouldn’t have admitted knowing that.) He does seem like the type to check himself out in the mirror, though.

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Haha, I know exactly what you mean. You want to see the celebs, but not look like a dork or a creeper by invading their privacy.
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Dana Morgan

It would be just like Cam Gigandet to be checking himself out. Lol

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Amy Hofstead

Most everyone has a bit of the “entourage” lifestyle in our dreams. Spotting celebs and even more desired, hanging out with them, sounds like an awesome time.

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Rashes On Hands

Thanks for the heads up on celeb spotting. How is the food at theses places?

Indian Peacock

Nice blog article, i really enjoyed reading it :)


Amanda Seyfried and Ryan Phillippe are such a cute couple. Thanks for the article.

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