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Guest Blog, Jena Meredith from The Conservation Fund: Growing Greener Travel – One Loan at a Time

Several summers ago, I booked back-to-back long weekends kayaking on two of our nation’s greatest ecosystems: the Chesapeake and Monterey bays. My trip to the Chesapeake Bay started with a staff retreat at the Aspen Wye River Conference Center near Queenstown, Maryland. I spent the afternoon paddling through horseshoe-crab territory with my guide, a wildlife biologist. As he explained how the different flora and fauna depended upon each other, I was geekily fascinated.

For instance, horseshoe crabs are food for sea turtles and sea-turtle eggs are a favorite snack for shorebirds. The eggs provide staying power during the birds’ vast winged migrations from South America to the Arctic.

All Aboard! Where’s the Roaming Gnome Going Next on Amtrak?

Ahoy there, chaps! Hmm, I believe “ahoy” might not be the right word for train travel. It’s your old pal the Travelocity Roaming Gnome, and I wanted to let you know that I’m choo-chooing my way around the country on Amtrak for the next few weeks.

Where am I going? Well, that’s all part of the fun! Every two days, I’ll post a clue about my next destination—along with a Polaroid of me looking very handsome—and it’ll be up to you to guess my next destination. Every time you do, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a smashing luxury travel pack, including a $1,500 Amtrak gift card and a $700 Apple gift card.

My only worry is that I might never want to get off the train. I’m having such a splendid time seeing the country from my seat. Do you think Amtrak has any openings for Gnome-sized conductors? I look very good in hats, we already know that.

Gadget Guru: Going Green with the Solio Rocsta

While I love roughing it in the great outdoors, I’m also passionate about the ways technology can enhance our travel experiences–and, even better, make them greener.

That’s why I reached out to the good folks at Solio to ask if I could use one of their nifty solar-powered phone chargers on my recent hiking/camping adventure to the Grand Canyon. Their chargers were highly rated by CNET and I was officially intrigued. Solio was kind enough to send me the Rocsta and I couldn’t wait to road test it.

I booked a cheap flight, threw my hiking gear in a bag, and was careful to pack my nifty new gadget. Would the mighty sun be able to keep me powered up all weekend?