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Harry Potter and the Orlando Theme Park

Orlando is already renowned for its family-friendly attractions, but Universal Orlando is giving kids–and quite a few adults!–a new reason to book a flight to Florida: a Harry Potter amusement park.

The Harry Potter park, officially called “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” is actually an addition to the existing Universal Islands of Adventure theme park. But “addition” doesn’t really do this project justice. With full-scale replicas of many of the films’ iconic buildings–including Hogwart’s Castle and Hosgmeade Village–this area looks pretty sizeable. But the real meat of this Orlando attraction lies in the rides.

Three rides in total will be unleashed with the opening of the park this spring. The Dragon Challenge features a pair of high-speed dueling roller coasters, each on a unique track. To the side, a more tame coaster called the Flight of the Hippogryph will center around the book series’ Care of Magical Creatures class. And finally, the main attraction–a non-rollercoaster ride named Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey–will be housed in the carefully-crafted replica of Hogwarts Castle.

Those who want a little more theme park fun will find plenty of additional options in Orlando as well, including SeaWorld, Walt Disney World® Resort, and Universal Studios®.


Photo from Doe Q. via Flickr.


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It looks like I’ll be taking my kids to see Harry Potter soon. They were in the midst of building it on my last visit and my son was extremely excited.
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Thanks for keeping us informed with all these news about the Harry Potter park!

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