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Breakfast in Las Vegas

I’m still paying off sleep debt from my Las Vegas vacation. Between the electric-tinged twilight of the casinos and the uncertain daylight of Nevada’s winter, I found myself waking at a different hour every day. Lucky for me, it didn’t matter if I was up at 8am or 8pm. Vegas was true to its 24-hour nature. I could always find breakfast.

Breakfast in Las Vegas is a fantastic affair. You get lavish buffets, roadside diners, gourmet sit-downs–every option imaginable stuffed into a few sparkling miles of Strip. There’s zero excuse for a cigarette and espresso breakfast. Not that you’d want an excuse.

Travel Scandal: Orlando, Reno and Las Vegas on Government Blacklist?

As the travel industry suffers from a downturn in business and group travel, destinations with a reputation for fun are among the hardest hit. According to the Wall Street Journal, Orlando, Las Vegas and Reno are three destinations believed to be on a blacklist when it comes to booking government meetings. The article quotes a Department of Justice spokeswoman as saying, “We do have guidance that says avoid locations and accommodations that give the appearance of being lavish or are resort destinations.”

12 Free Las Vegas Attractions

For years, Las Vegas has maintained its ranking as THE top destination in the world. While it’s still at the top of the pack, the economic downturn is hurting the mega-destination. Last week, Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport reported a 15.2 percent year-over-year decline for travel to-and-from the airport in February. Of course, capacity cuts are a contributor to the decline, with 11 percent fewer seats available.

But, anecdotally speaking, many travelers are holding off on a trip to Sin City simply because they end up spending too much money when they get there. Siting this particular reason, several people in my own circle of friends tell me they are cancelling their annual guys getaway.

Here Comes the Bride… and Elvis!

I have a friend who says that when he gets married, he wants a pirate-themed wedding, where instead of marching down the aisle, the bride and groom walk a plank (note: he’s yet to find a bride taker). If he can find it anywhere, he can find it in Vegas, where wacky weddings are a whimsical nod to what’s otherwise a rather stuffy institution.

In 2007, Clark County received over 108,000 marriage applications. That number was expected to rise in 2008, and although weddings are a year-round business in Las Vegas, the month of March kicks off the “I do” high season in which Elvis and a whole host of other characters are ready and willing to officiate your Nevada nuptials.

Viva the New Las Vegas: Luxury Abounds at The Palazzo

They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and I’m sure that’s true in more ways than I’d ever dare to imagine. But with the Strip’s increasingly luxurious resort hotels, intoxicating nightlife, and fanfare-worthy entertainment, Las Vegas is becoming the vacation destination that you can’t help but tell everyone about. Why have the time of your life in one of the most daydreamed-about places on earth, and not boast about it to your buddies?

Case in point: Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of staying at The Palazzo, a brand-new, all-suite resort hotel and casino nestled between The Venetian and Wynn Las Vegas. Now, I’m not the most ardent Vegas vacationer out there–I generally just tag along for the odd bridal shower or birthday. But I soaked up every second of this trip, and left yearning to return as soon as possible.