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Which Airline Should I Fly to Hawaii

Hi Sylvia,

First of all, great destination choice! Hawaii vacations are among the top-booked on Travelocity and it’s easy to see why. Beautiful beaches, rich culture and lots of fun activities make Hawaii a very special place indeed.

Your question about which airline to fly is a good one, because as is the case with most special places,  it takes a long time to get to Hawaii and you want to be as comfortable as possible, especially since you’re traveling in coach.

Whenever anyone asks me which domestic airline is my favorite, I always say JetBlue and Virgin America. Problem in this case, though, is that neither airline flies to Hawaii (yet, though this may change before your trip next year). Moreover, neither airline services your hometown of Columbus, Ohio, so I can’t even suggest flying one of those carriers to the West Coast and then changing carriers for the rest of the trip.

So where does that leave us? Well, in my opinion, the other domestic carriers are all generally alike, though you’re more likely to find personal in-flight entertainment on Delta than you are the other legacy carriers (American Airlines, United / Continental and US Airways). You’re also more likely to find yourself on a newer aircraft on Delta than on another carrier. But there are no guarantees, so my suggestion is to pick a cheap flight that will get you there the fastest way possible. There are no direct flights from Columbus to the Hawaiian islands, so do yourself a favor and pick a flight with only one connection. The more times you connect, the greater the possibility for things to go wrong and you don’t want to wait to check into that Hawaii hotel any longer than necessary!

Happy Travels,


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