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Central Europe Vacation: A New Side to the Old World

I’ve seen London. I’ve seen France. So what’s next?

Recently my husband and I felt that all-too-familiar longing to visit Europe once again but this time we wanted to cover new ground. Like many Americans, we’d explored the usual suspects: France, Spain, Italy, and the U.K. And like most of the world, we were on a budget. We began to shop for a budget-friendly European vacation and quickly landed on Central Europe.

Bye-bye Paris. Hello Prague!


Shoulder Season Brings Europe Savings

As far as the calendar is concerned, summer is over. Finito. But the upshot is that the shoulder season is now in full swing in places like Europe, and there are great deals out there for travelers.

What’s shoulder season? To put it simply, it’s the period of time between a destination’s peak season and off season—a little “shoulder” of time when the weather can still be pleasant, but the chaotic crowds have thinned. Since fewer travelers means more hotel vacancies, Europe vacation deals start to show up in droves, making overseas travel exceptionally affordable.

Five Romantic Things To Do in Paris

Quick, where’s the most romantic place in the world? You thought Paris, right? Good job, me too. And it’s not hard to see why: sharing a pain au chocolat in a cozy cafe? Picnicking on the banks of the Seine? Strolling hand in hand through the Louvre and canoodling at the top of the Eiffel Tower? They’re all activities for two.

So for your next getaway to the City of Love, here are a few great suggestions:

1. Get hot chocolate at Angelina. It will be the sweetest, creamiest, chocolatiet, naughtiest hot chocolate of your life and you will not regret it one tiny bit.

Guest Blog: Discovering Todi in Italy’s Umbria Region

Please join us in welcoming Justine van der Leun to The Window Seat. She is the author of the travel memoir Marcus of Umbria: What an Italian Dog Taught an American Girl Above Love, which hit the shelves this month. You can learn more at her website.

During my year in the bucolic Umbrian village of Collelungo–population, 200–I could open my bedroom window and see the ancient city of Todi, perched high above on a hilltop. Most travelers taking in Umbria hit up the glitzier tourist destinations—Spoleto, Orvieto, Assisi, Perugia. But taking the road less traveled can be even more fulfilling. Not featured prominently in most guidebooks, Todi offers visitors a chance to take in a fully authentic Italian experience away from the throngs of tourists. Really? Todi? If you do it right, certo! Here’s how: