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Fun Facts: Eight for Earth Day

Editor’s Note: Earth Day is April 22, and this week’s blog posts are dedicated to preserving the world as we continue to travel. Learn more about green travel, including green hotels and voluntourism, by visiting Travelocity’s Travel for Good homepage.

Happy Earth Day, loyal readers of The Window Seat! I must be honest, I’m not all that well-versed on green travel (I leave that to our Travel for Good guru and fellow blogger, Alison). But since we were celebrating Earth Week on the blog, I decided to brush up on my factoids. Here are the eight most interesting things I learned this week:

1. Travelocity is the only site to flag green hotels site wide; there are currently more than 2,900 hotels in the green hotel directory.

2. For Earth Day, we are celebrating with a Earth Day Green Hotel sale offering up to 40 percent off over 60 green hotels around the world.  You can find the sale at

3. Our data shows green hotels are overwhelmingly preferred to non-green hotels. Travelocity allows consumers to rate its hotels on a scale of 1-5 smiley faces.  Consumers gave 83 percent of non-green hotels three smiley faces or more–but they gave a whopping 94 percent of green hotels three smiley faces or more.  So on top of helping the environment, travelers are having a great experience on their vacation as well.

4. There’s a hotel in Copenhagen (Plaza Copenhagen Towers) where you can use a stationary bike to generate power for the hotel. If you generate enough power, you get a free meal.

5. The Good Hotel in San Francisco is constructed out of recycled and reclaimed materials.

6. The Element Times Square in New York has great bike rentals for guests, and electric car charging stations.  The Roaming Gnome was visiting there earlier this week!

7. There are other ways to go green on vacation besides staying in a green hotel. Set your home to vacation mode – turn off lights, appliances and unplug electronics; Eat local – a popular culinary trend for many, you can also take part while traveling; and go paper free – use travel apps, and even guidebooks on your mobile phone. 

8. Follow @RoamingGnome on Twitter.  Tell him how you’re going green using #greengnome for a chance to win 2 roundtrip Virgin America tickets and 2 nights stay at a green hotel.


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My name: Genevieve Shaw Brown. I also answer to Genny and Gen.

How I earn my keep: I work at Travelocity.

Greatest travel lesson learned: I travel for my job, but I've learned work is work, vacation is vacation, and it's best not to try and do both on one trip.

Fondest travel memory: There are so many... but a recent experience was being totally jet-lagged and waking up pre-dawn in Koh Samui, Thailand, and watching the sun rise with my husband on the beach. We talked about what all our friends and family were doing at that very same moment as the sun set back home in New York.

First thing I do in a new place: Peruse the local restaurants and map out my dining strategy for the duration of my trip. Dining strategy = eating at as many restaurants as humanly possible.

First thing I do when I get home: Put a push pin on the destination I just returned from on the map of the world that hangs on the wall above my couch.

Travel ambition: To cover that map completely in push pins.

My most beloved place in the whole world: Cockle Cove Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts.



The Plaza Copenhagen Towers has a bike people can get on and help power the building! That is one of the coolest, smart and greenest things I’ve heard in a while! What a great idea. Thanks for spreading the word about green hotels!

Sara J.

It is good to see some healthy activity on the green front. :) Keep up the good work.

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