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Where To Eat in Mexico City

I took a trip to Mexico City last December and here’s what I was most excited about: the history, the culture, and—if we’re honest—the margaritas.

Here’s what I didn’t think to be excited about: the food.

Turns out, however, that Mexico City is a veritable hotbed of culinary genius, a firm foodie favorite that rivals other great “eating” cities like New York, San Francisco, and Paris.

But where do you start? How do you know where to eat? Well, my friends, read on.

1. For the best view over the Zocalo–and, arguably, the best guacamole of your life–nothing beats the bar at the top of the Majestic Hotel. Come here before dinner to unwind with a margarita on the rooftop while watching the hustle and bustle of the square below. Ave. Madero 73, Col Centro, Mexico City, 06000. Phone: +52 55 55218600

Yes, You Can Drink In Utah!

On the first night of my recent Utah ski trip, my local guide raised a glass to propose this toast: Here’s to a week of great skiing and proving that you really can get a drink in Utah!

It didn’t take much to prove that point. Outings to restaurants with extravagant wine lists, après ski taverns and local distilleries all did their part to debunk the myth of strict drinking laws in Utah.

Because a good stereotype is meant to be squashed, I’m passing along my very scientific research findings to you: a collection of spots to throw one back in the not-so-dry state! The qualifications for my list are simple. It has to come recommended by a local, and it has to serve intoxicating libations.

10 Best Places for Outrageous Food on a Stick

I’m not sure why, but putting a piece of food on a stick always puts a smile on travelers’ faces. Maybe it’s because we associate skewered snacks with childhood pleasures like lollipops and popsicles; maybe it’s because sticks make for easy cleanup when we’re on the go.

Either way, certain destinations are held in high esteem for their unforgettable (for better or for worse) meals on sticks. Here are 10 picked especially for brave travelers—stick it to your friends when you complete one of these challenges.