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When Vacations Don’t Go Exactly As Planned

Let’s say you get the flu as soon as you step out onto the beach. Or, your romantic hotel room is right next to a family with screaming toddlers. Often, you can find hidden opportunities in these small tragedies. Maybe the flu that keeps you inside also keeps you from getting sunburned like the rest of your family. Or, the screaming toddlers later befriend you in the hotel pool and you spend a giggle-filled afternoon seeing the world through their eyes.

Just over three weeks ago, my friend Brooke and I set out from Denver for a Vail vacation. Brooke and I have known each other since college at U of M, and we spent much of the nighttime Rocky Mountain drive catching up with one another. One minute, we were laughing and reminiscing, and the next minute we hit a spot of black ice, lost control of the car, smashed into the left guardrail, spun across the interstate in circles, got hit by two other cars, and finally landed front impact in a snow bank. We were stunned, terrified, badly banged up and bruised, and very lucky to be alive.

Obviously, this wasn’t supposed to happen.

Vacation Sex…You Know It’s Better

Without going into detail, let’s just say I see where Danny DeVito was going with his Lincoln bedroom commentary on “The View” a few weeks ago–though I would have preferred to hear it from his buddy George Clooney. There is such a thing a “vacation sex.”*

DeVito’s rant aside, I get what he meant. Being away from home, from work, and from the distractions of our everyday responsibilities makes, ahem…you know, totally different than at home. Indeed, better…and more frequent.

Family Beaches in the U.S. and Nearby

When it comes to family beach time, the key is that the beach can’t be the only draw. Lets face it, sometimes kids get bored. Sometimes they get antsy. Sometimes one child wants to hang on a beach chair all day while another wants nothing more than to be in the surf. You can argue if you want, or you can look for a family spot that has plenty to do, and if you’re lucky, even some kid –specific programming. A good family beach can mean a great family vacation. From resort playgrounds to beachside rentals here are some of my favorites.