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Cruise Ship Innovations You Won’t Believe

A century ago, skyscrapers were the marvel of modern architecture. Today, the spotlight has shifted to cruise ships. And as architects continue to build their ships longer, taller, and larger, clever cruise lines are finding some very innovative ways to fill an increasing amount of deck space.

A Lawn in the Atlantic

Celebrity Solstice: the Lawn Club.

Celebrity Cruises stunned vacationers across the world when they installed this 15,000-square-foot patch of lawn on their ship, the Solstice. Called the “Lawn Club,” this area of the ship allows for golfing, croquet, and barefoot walks over the springy green grass. And the turf isn’t just set down and rotated out with fresh stuff–it actually grows on deck. Linger long enough, and you may even catch maintenance giving it a mow.

Blowing Away the Competition

Celebrity Solstice: Glass blowing demonstration.

Celebrity Solstice is also credited with pioneering onboard glass blowing demonstrations. Passengers get a chance to watch the glass blowing masters of Corning Glass in action as they shape various glassware items. Rumor has it that the best time to watch is at night, with the molten glass glowing bright against the darkness.

As Cool as Cruising Gets

Norwegian Epic: Ice Bar

Cruise ships can take you to some pretty chilly places (Alaska, anyone?), but only Norwegian Cruise Line has an ice bar onboard the ship. The brand-new Norwegian Epic boasts a gently-lit ice bar modeled after Scandinavian creations like the Kirkenes Snow Hotel. Sip your favorite cocktail from a chilly ice glass, but make sure you’re bundled up. It’s literally freezing.

Set Sail for Broadway!

Oasis of the Seas: Aqua Theatre

The Oasis of the Seas doesn’t stop with being the largest ship in the world. It’s also taking Broadway out to sea with onboard presentations of the hit musical, Hairspray. While the at-sea version will be slightly trimmed to fit a 90-minute show window, the presence of a Broadway-caliber show on a cruise ship is nothing to scoff at. Hairspray will be playing at the ship’s indoor Opal Theatre.

These examples are just a sample of all the cruising innovations that are out there right now. There are ships with rock climbing walls, water slides, English butlers, elaborate dinners, and about a million other perks–depending on who you choose to sail with. Thinking you might want to try out a cruise? Make sure you check out the Cruise Super Sale first, and save your money for the ice bar.


Photo Credits (from top to bottom): Celebrity Solstice Lawn Club by rohrb123; Glass Blowing on a ship! by Avid Cruiser; Stockholm 1st Ice Bar JSS by James FL USA; Oasis of the Seas Aqua Theatre by steamboatsorg.


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Cruise travel is like a dream come true for me.I have heard so much about it but never got a chance to go aboard.

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It really is amazing at how big some of these cruise ships are becoming. I’m still trying to convince myself to go on a cruise. Maybe one day…

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Been on a cruise once, believe me you will get lost in no time. These ships are so big! Sometimes you see them crossing 8-story building apartments close to the water, and a cruise ship makes it look tiny.

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Big, bigger and biggest. Currently the Freedom of the Seas is the largest luxury cruise ship in the world. Some stats: weigh 160,000 tons, length 1,112 feet, 184 feet wide and it has 15 passenger decks holding 3,634 guests double-occupancy. It even has the same height as two of the Statue of Liberty, placed head to toe. Incredible!


It’s really exciting to see cruise ships growing bigger and bigger, and their innovations getting more and more interesting. Seems like they never run out of ideas. Wonder what’s coming next…

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