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BYOM (Bring Your Own Meal)

I am loving the bring-your-own-meal (BYOM) trend on domestic flights. If there’s been one improvement to air travel these days, it’s actually the lack of in-flight meals–no more stinking airplane cabins and questionable food lingering on my tray table.

But now snack boxes are proliferating, and not only are they an example of gross over-packaging, but they are also known to be laden with empty calories and artery-clogging fat. I’m telling you now that I don’t ever want to appear on The Biggest Loser, which means you won’t find me “snacking” on chips and cookies at 30,000 feet.

A recent study ranked snack boxes from six different airlines in an effort to educate travelers on how to eat healthy on the go. United was praised for having some of the healthiest options, but even at 580 calories, its Ritebite Pack is no waist-whittling snack.

I prefer not to sabotage my diet on food I don’t even want to eat. That’s why I pack my own meal. After Thanksgiving, I took a homemade turkey sandwich on board. Sometimes I leave extra time at the airport to buy a burrito or something that doesn’t take up too much space or require much packaging. Just make sure it complies with the new liquids guidelines.

Do you bring or buy? What do you eat on the plane?


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Frances Hoover

Yes, packing a lunch also helps with the clean out the refrigerator routine and gives you a little savings for your trip. I stock up on things I keep around the kitchen like energy bars, almonds and fruit. Grapes are great at the gate. Last week my friends left their yummy roast beef sandwiches in the refrigerator and I gave them a ten to get something in the terminal. Alas, their plane was delayed by the fog and they had to go home but they ate those yummy sandwiches, and flew the next day!

Simon Clancy

I am sometimes thankful for the BYOM idea… I took a flight from Bali to Surabaya recently and they served us a snack box full of brightly colored Indonesian cakes. Since they looked less than appetising, I waited until the hotel to eat…


Bringing your own food on a plane is great…but please be considerate. Yes, tuna fish can smell up an entire section of the plane, and secondhand tuna is a bit disturbing (for those trying to enjoy something else.)

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