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The Secret to Budget Shopping

Are you panicking about summer like I am? I need to get my hair cut and dyed, my eyebrows done, and a full body scrub… all in the name of looking fabulous in the summer sun when I embark on my travels. Plus, I need to replenish my wardrobe after doing my annual massive spring cleaning. Luckily for me, my mother has taught me her budget buying ways. She always manages to buy these really great outfits for literally 60% less than the original price.

How does she do it? I´ll tell you her secret.

Shopping Outlets

She may or may not have planned it this way, but my mother lives just 15 minutes away from one of the greatest shopping outlets in the nation. The great thing about outlet shopping is buying brand name clothes for way less. Best yet, there’s no need to rummage through one store and one rack to find the designer you like or the perfect outfit to wear on the plane. At the outlet mall you can go directly to the store you like and not waste time or money.

Other than my mother´s favorite outlets in New York, there are other great outlet malls all over the country, so you’re almost always in range whether your travels take you to California, Texas, or Florida. Hitting the outlet malls is an especially perfect option if you find yourself on vacation with a rainy day.

Flash Sales

If you haven´t jumped on the daily deal bandwagon yet, I´m sure you´ll be signing up once you’ve finished reading this post. Sites like Groupon and Living Social give out a different fantastic deal each day. These deals have limited availability and are discounted from 50% to 90%! Although neither of these sites have the greatest deals for clothes, both dominate in restaurant and spa deals. If you know you’ll be traveling somewhere this summer, the best way to get deals in the city you’ll be traveling to is to sign up on their website and they’ll notify you of the deal each day.


Do you remember the sign-up sheet that is next to the store register as you´re paying? That´s golden. Although you may be worried about the potential uncontrollable mail spam you might get, companies seem to be learning that customers loathe a massive amount of mail and are taking that into careful consideration. They want to make sure you stay as their customer and keep coming back, so when you sign up for a company’s newsletter you’ll be rewarded with coupons, promo codes, and sometimes catalogues so you can check out the season’s hottest styles. Of course, they will always notify you of their next big sale, which is always good to know as well.

Hopefully with these secret tips you’ll be on your way to looking stylish for your summer travels. It’s best to save money when you can, so you can spend money on other great things-like airfare and dining out in places like Maui and New York!


Photo Credit: “Baggu” by Flickr user andrewarchy.




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There are also second-hand stores that specialize only in fashionable name brands and popular styles that are fashionable currently (think “Buffalo Exchange”). I agree though, it is important to stay in your budget when it comes to fashion and still look good!


Yup! I forgot about those stores, thanks for the extra tip Maya!

Sandi Tocks

I’m not too keen on the fast fashions that prevail today – I’d rather have fewer really high quality garments than a wardrobe full of one wear wonders.

Style is of course never out of fashion!

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