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Answering the Call of the Wild: The Canadian Rockies and Beyond

If you read my entry on Friday of last week, you probably know that I’m on the road right now, working my way up through the Pacific Northwest to the Canadian Rockies with my girlfriend and a friend. Today we’re in Seattle, looking forward to shopping on Capitol Hill and watching fellow SF musicians Von Iva rock out at the Tractor Tavern.

But despite today’s tryst with this hip urban hub, our trip is actually 90% nature-focused. Last night, we pitched our tent on the Oregon Coast, then roasted veggie hot dogs and watched the sun set between tree-topped bluffs.

Photo courtesy of IgoUgo member Idler.

Next on our agenda is Banff-Lake Louise, a Canadian wilderness preserve that bills itself as “The World’s Finest National Park.” With massive glaciers, turquoise-colored lakes, and lush hot springs, it’s more than likely to live up to its reputation. (And for those with a preference for soft beds and private bathrooms, Banff also offers plenty of comfortable hotels and resorts.) From Banff we’ll head to “Big Sky” state Montana, then crash with a friend near Logan Canyon, Utah, an off-the-beaten-path nature area known for excellent rock climbing and breathtaking views.

The wilderness areas of our world are quickly disappearing, and sadly, many of us are so estranged from Mother Nature that we’d barely notice if they disappeared tomorrow. Getting in touch with the outdoors is not only healthy for both mind and body, it’s also a great way to get to know the place you’re visiting. Plus, it’s easy on the wallet. Camping costs tend to range from $15 to $30 per night, and are even less during the off-season. Day-use fees for parks tend to be under $10, although many nature areas are free.

What are some of your favorite outdoor areas to visit when you travel?


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Camels & Chocolate

Banff and Lake Louise actually! I just wrote some stories on it earlier this week, ironically enough:

Enjoy your trip!


I’m extremely jealous of your trip–I can’t think of anything better than a road trip and camping trip rolled into one, and I’ve always wanted to see Oregon and Western Canada. But when I need a quick nature fix, I’ve been really impressed with the wilderness just outside New York City; driving up the Hudson River, you have your choice of many great parks amid the valleys and mountains. I love it up there!

Beth Blair

Sounds like a great time. When I lived in Colorado I loved taking off for a weekend of camping with friends. We usually sought out a scenic campground near a quirky town. We always met the most interesting people.

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