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The Cheapest Weekends to Travel This Summer

It’s the official start of summer, which means the official start of much-needed weekend getaways.  And while being a weekend warrior can be a blast, it’s not always wallet-friendly.  The Travelocity research department has been busy pulling two years of data to discover which summer weekends are better on your budget.  After the jump, the results:

The absolute cheapest weekend to fly this summer is August 24-26.  Many kids are already back to school by then or their families have booked a Labor Day weekend trip.  And less families travelling means more open seats to fill at cheaper rates.  Check out the rest of our budget-friendly weekends below and start booking your summer travel as soon as possible.  If you book by June 30 you can cash in on Travelocity’s Spring into Summer Sale which could score you a sweet deal at 50% off.

2012 Weekend Dates

Average Domestic Airfare

June 22-24


July 14-16


July 20-22


August 17-19


August 24-26




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Summer Cruise Dispatch: Star Princess Alaskan Cruise

When Travelocity’s Vice President for cruises, Matt Lee, returned from his recent Alaskan Cruise, the first thing he did was open the laptop and write down his experience.  It takes a cruise of epic proportions to impress an industry expert like Matt, and it sounds like the Star Princess Alaskan Cruise is just that.  Read Matt’s first-person account of his four days at sea after the jump.

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