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Summer in the Park: San Francisco

If there’s one thing San Francisco loves more than bacon, it’s parks. One hint of hot, sunny weather and we migrate in bikini-clad droves to the nearest grassy space, spread out our picnic blankets, and soak up as much Vitamin D as humanly possible before the sun rolls down behind the hills. Sure, we have a beach, but in a lot of ways the park has become an even better warm-weather alternative–an easy-to-get-to piece of nature in an otherwise urban sprawl.

Eight Tips for Traveling with Teens

Please welcome guest author T.L. Higley. Historical fiction author T.L. Higley doesn’t just transport readers to the settings of her books, she transports herself as well. Her trips to Greece, Egypt, Jordan and Italy have found their way into her suspense novels, including the popular Seven Wonders series. Her upcoming Pompeii: City on Fire (B&H Publishing) brings to life the lost Roman city buried by a massive volcano.

A parents’ guide for avoiding attitudes and embracing adventure