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Fans Post Their Favorite Travelocity Roaming Gnome Vacation Photos

Recently a colleague of ours emailed us a picture while she was on vacation. She had surprisingly found a statue of The Roaming Gnome in a dive shop in Abaco, Bahamas (one of summer’s top 10 family destinations) and had sent us a picture of him. This made us wonder: have other travelers also spotted the Travelocity mascot in unusual travel destinations?

So we asked The Roaming Gnome’s Facebook fans and it turns out they’ve had plenty of Gnome vacation sightings all over the world. Fans posted many pictures of the Gnome on his Facebook Wall in places from Arizona to Haiti, and from Puerto Rico to Italy.

Guest Blog, Jena Meredith from The Conservation Fund: Growing Greener Travel – One Loan at a Time

Several summers ago, I booked back-to-back long weekends kayaking on two of our nation’s greatest ecosystems: the Chesapeake and Monterey bays. My trip to the Chesapeake Bay started with a staff retreat at the Aspen Wye River Conference Center near Queenstown, Maryland. I spent the afternoon paddling through horseshoe-crab territory with my guide, a wildlife biologist. As he explained how the different flora and fauna depended upon each other, I was geekily fascinated.

For instance, horseshoe crabs are food for sea turtles and sea-turtle eggs are a favorite snack for shorebirds. The eggs provide staying power during the birds’ vast winged migrations from South America to the Arctic.

Airline Dress Codes – What’s Appropriate?

Recently, a college football player was kicked off a plane when he refused a flight attendant’s request to pull up his baggy pants. In another incident, a man in snug-fitting underwear  that was part of a very revealing drag outfit (you’ve got to click here and see the photo to believe it) was allowed to fly without any interference. While a debate is raging across the internet as to whether this is a double standard, what’s become clear is that airline policies regarding dress codes are ambiguous at best, as is what is a flight attendant’s role in enforcing any dress codes that are on the books.

Travelocity Reveals Top 10 Destinations for Fourth of July Weekend

Based on bookings, Travelocity‘s list reveals where travelers will head to barbeque, watch fireworks, sunbathe and celebrate our nation’s independence over the holiday weekend in 2011.

1. Orlando. Summer’s number-one family destination has plenty of places to view fireworks, including shows at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld. For a break from the parks, pack your picnic basket and head instead to the free fireworks show at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando. 
Average daily rate at Orlando hotels: $120