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5 Best Places To See Stars in Hollywood

Some people go to Hollywood for the sunshine. Some go for the nightlife. And some–like me–go so they can just see a famous person already. Is that so bad? Below, you’ll find five spots where it’s possible your Us Weekly might just come to life.

1. Chateau Marmont: The ultimate Hollywood hideout, this French-style hotel has seen its share of famous residents—many of whom (like Lindsay Lohan) even called it home.

2. Urth Cafe: Want to spot an Olsen twin? This organic eatery is right up your alley. And even if you don’t see a famous face, you’re guaranteed a great cookie.

3. Fred Segal: If you want to see fancy people, you’ve got to head to a fancy store. This upmarket clothing retailer on Melrose has a roster of famous clients; just try not seeing one.

When Can I Find Cheap Flights to London

Hi Bob,

Great question! I’m glad you asked and I’m sure many of our readers can benefit from the answer.

Here’s the deal: Travel before mid-June to the U.K. and you’re traveling during the shoulder season. Travel between mid-June and Labor day and you’ll find yourself in peak season. Shoulder season (personally, my favorite time to travel to Europe and pretty much every other destination) means cheap flights and fewer crowds. Hotels in London are also quite a bit less expensive. Once you get to peak season, all bets are off.

Can a Gnome Attend a Royal Wedding? Of Course He Can!

Last week, I had the splendid job of jetting over to London for the Royal Wedding. Why? Well, I figured Kate  Middleton needed a “something blue.”

Ha! Get it? Because I wear a blue coat? Tell me I’m not the funniest gnome you’ve ever met.

I flew over on Virgin Atlantic, which is always a pleasure, and stayed in the rather smashing Kensington Hotel. Now, I stay in a lot of splendid hotels, as you can imagine, but this one really took the (wedding) cake.

Reno: The Biggest Little City I’m in Love with

I’d been living in the S.F. Bay Area for over seven years before I finally discovered Reno. For those of you without a Jeopardy-grade geography recall, that’s like living in Salt Lake City and never driving up to Yellowstone: an unforgiveable travel offense. But don’t worry. I’m making things better by putting together a Reno/Tahoe bucket list for all you intrepid domestic travelers. And here it is: