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Green Sand, Pink Beaches, and Colorful Seaside Escapes

I grew up thinking that sand only came in one color. The sand of sand paper. The sand of tract housing garage doors. The sand of doctor’s office waiting rooms. Every beach I’d ever been to featured sand the color of paint swatch “sand,” and it wasn’t until I started thumbing through island guide books and devouring beach-heavy Flickr feeds that I realized the sand of SoCal’s golden beaches wasn’t the only sand out there.

Travelocity Debuts First-Ever Summer Travel Pricing Barometer

Today, Travelocity unveiled its brand-new summer travel pricing barometer. Four years of historical booking data were analyzed to attempt to find a ‘sweet spot’ for booking Memorial Day weekend airfare. The data revealed that the best time to book, based on historical data, is right now. If history is any indicator, airfare for summer’s first holiday weekend could rise in just a few days.

Let’s look at 2010, the most recent year studied, as a guide. In 2010, “Week 1″ was the cheapest week to book Memorial Day weekend airfare. What does that mean for 2011? Well, the dates that correspond to “Week 1″ in 2011 are April 7 – April 14 — in other words, today and tomorrow.

When is the Best Time to Visit Miami, Florida?

Dear Editors,

When is the best time to visit Miami?


Hi Valerie,

The good news is there’s really no bad time to visit Miami. Miami is much more than its beautiful beaches and nightlife scene — it’s a major city with cultural events going on virtually every day.

If, however, it’s sun and sand you seek, now (spring) is a lovely time to visit Miami. April’s average temperature is a near-perfect 84 degrees, according to The temperature will climb now through August, peaking at 91 degrees in August. The temperature then begins a slow decline, with the coldest month being January and an average temperature of 76 degrees. In terms of rain, the rainiest month is July.

Best Cheap Eats in New York City: Save on New York Vacation Packages

Taking a bite out of the Big Apple can be pricey, but an easy way to keep costs down and taste the real flavor of New York City is to dine on a dime. Save big on your New York City vacation package, and then check out my favorite budget-friendly restaurants and food trucks!



Shake Shack

You’ve probably heard the hype about Shake Shack, and I’m here to tell you: believe it. I’m a California girl with a passion for In-N-Out, but even their food can’t compare to mighty Shake Shack’s. The burgers are better. The crinkle-cut fries are legendary. And the shakes will blow your mind.

San Francisco Carnaval: Memorial Day Weekend

As a San Francisco resident for over 10 years, I’ve learned that holiday weekends in the city are a real treat. Locals flee town for the mountains, national parks, and points south, leaving the restaurants and parking spaces to the rest of us. If you’re coming to the city as a tourist for Memorial Day weekend, I highly recommend you get out to some of the more residential neighborhoods, like the Mission District, to see and experience some of the best culture, nightlife, and food the city has to offer.

The Mission District is a neighborhood of vibrant murals and cutting-edge restaurants, where Spanish and English are spoken side by side. During the Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, each year a Carnaval festival takes place showcasing the cultures of Central and South America along with Africa and the Caribbean, and complete with a massive parade and dancing in the streets.