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Top Tips for Traveling with Kids

Please join us in welcoming guest author and Travelocity employee Anna Wilkens, who originally hails from Sweden. Anna is currently based in San Francisco and enjoys traveling the world with her two-and-a-half year-old daughter.

I always knew that having a child wouldn’t stop me from traveling. But as I used to do at least a few adventurous trips every year—backpacking through India or southeast Asia, sailing around New Zealand, or following ancient trails in Guatemala—traveling did change after the arrival of my kid. Don’t get me wrong—I still enjoy it, just in a different way. The long and intense travels, like the adventurous trips, aren’t as appealing anymore.

Traveling for me is really about meeting people and having new experiences. And, as I’m sure you know, traveling in the company of a child is a terrific conversation starter and a way to connect with people, even the ones you never thought you’d find something to relate to. When we were in Mexico, for example, I learned twice as much Spanish just because of my daughter. In every taqueria and on every street corner, people started talking to our little curly blond haired girl and me.

Why I Want to Go on a Mammoth, California Vacation

After nine months of living in California I’m still in the honeymoon phase. I’ve got hearts in my eyes and I’m still fascinated with all that this great state has to offer. Originally from New York, I was often caught in traffic jams and abnormally small apartments. The change to California gave me a breath of fresh air and a desire to explore.  I’ve been researching a bit on destinations that offer many outdoor activities and aren’t completely exploited by tourists. I came across Mammoth, California and now I’ve got my heart set on something new. My apologies San Francisco, but here’s why I must leave you (temporarily!) to visit Mammoth:

Disney: How to Create Your Own “Royal Wedding”

Last week, Reuters published my picks for the top 10 wedding destinations around the world. Guess who made the list? Walt Disney World Resort, of course. But even if you can’t get married at Disney (or Westminster Abbey for that matter), you can still add a few royal touches to your celebration.

Here are some expert tips from Korri McFann, of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings, on how to tie the knot in all the majesty and enchantment of Britain’s royal couple:

5 Things to Do in London that Don’t Involve Wedding Cake

With the world gearing up for Friday’s Royal Wedding, “London” is the name on everyone’s lips. But even if you don’t dream of wedding cakes and yards of tulle, you can still find plenty to do in England’s worldly capital.

1. Take time out for afternoon tea.
Today’s Londoners don’t usually have time for leisurely tea breaks–they’re more likely to settle for a quick cup between emails–but that hasn’t stopped the tradition of afternoon tea from thriving. Stop in to one of the city’s many tea houses for “cream tea”, a small meal consisting of fresh-brewed tea, scones, clotted cream, and jam. Or, if you prefer something savory, opt for cucumber sandwiches and smoked salmon with your cuppa.