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Top 5 Family Friendly Camping Destinations

Traveling to new destinations can be hard when you’re towing a couple of kids and a tight budget. To overcome this, my family camped. A lot. My family camped so much, we could have been some type of Ranger family; we would pack up the van in less than an hour and be ready to go on the road before the sun even came up. Upon arriving, my brother would set up the tent, I would unload the food, and my dad would start the fire. It was a team effort. Well, except for my mom. She just relaxed.

Looking back, these camping trips were some of the best vacations I ever had with my family. The adventures were educational and fun, and we were always in a beautiful environment.   And in the hopes that you’ll have as good a time in the Great Outdoors as I did, I leave you with this short list of National Parks offering great family camping opportunities. Each has something different to offer, but all provide a great setting to enjoy quality time with your family.

A Travel Blogger’s Goodbye

Talk about travel changing the course of your life. I arrived at Travelocity shortly after college with a narrow view of the world and a slightly bitter attitude because I had to do this thing called work. Little did I know that work would not only broaden my view of the world, but it would also expand my outlook on life, taking me to places near and far and allowing me to explore a deeper side of myself. Ultimately, work lead me to the very place that has completely won over my heart: San Francisco.

So it is with love and gratitude that I find myself saying goodbye to Travelocity. The opportunity to write and talk about travel has been more than just a job; it has been and always will be one of my most treasured experiences.

Mancation Series: Where to Watch the Final Four in Houston

Editor’s Note: With March Madness, Spring Training and music festivals in high gear, spring may just be the manliest season of the year. Please join us in welcoming man’s man Juan Parra as we salute man stuff for The Window Seat’s Mancation Series.

If you’re the type of person who enjoys openly gambling in the workplace, this is your month. Outside of fantasy football, March Madness is corporate America’s pre-eminent gambling competition. And you thought college basketball was irrelevant to your 9 to 5 life.

But I digress. This is a travel column after all, and we’re looking at the best places to watch the games in Houston, the Final Four host city.

Houston is a city with a rich basketball history, both collegiately and in the pros; just ask a local. Houston has passionate fans in everything from basketball to soccer to football, and if you want to get on their good side just mention that you have a disdain for any team from Dallas.

The Best Rock Climbing in America: Outdoor Vacation Savings for Climbers

Nothing inspires your next vacation quite like taking up a new hobby. Cooking? Off to France you go! Star gazing? Maybe a trip to see the northern lights. Horseback riding? Get thee to Argentina!

A few months ago, I took up indoor rock climbing and I can barely think about anything else. And yes, by even the kindest standards I’m nothing more than a complete beginner but already I’m dreaming of the day when I can take a dedicated rock-climbing vacation.

Here are some of the best rock-climbing spots in the U.S. and our top outdoor vacation deals to help you keep costs down.

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