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Cruise Lines Ramp up their “All-Ages” Offerings

It wasn’t all that long ago that the height of cruise entertainment was shuffleboard. For kids, I mean. Ship-bound adults have always had the mercy of tequila sunrises and pulp fiction, and the grind of the nine-to-five has given them an exceptional appreciation for doing nothing at all. The sun decks, the whirlpools, the languid lunch hours and the dress-up dinners–these were the domain of the adult cruiser.

Kids got shuffleboard.

Are there Overeaters Anonymous meetings on cruise ships?

Dear Editors,

Are there Overeaters Anonymous meetings on cruise ships?


Hi Bill,

Considering cruise ships have gluttonous amounts of food, Overeaters Anonymous meetings should certainly be offered onboard! You are going to have to channel your inner health nut during the cruise, though, because these meetings aren’t available.

That said, cruise ships do cater to vacationers’ health needs in other ways. If you have special dietary needs, you can let the cruise line know when you book, and they’ll make sure your needs are met. If calories are your main concern, even the buffets have healthy options. One thing that always helps me on vacation is writing down everything I eat. It keeps you in check!

Enter for Your Chance to Win a $5,000 Volunteer Vacation Grant From Travelocity

For many, joining the Peace Corps is a long-held dream, but somehow the years come and go and they never find the time to quit their jobs and make it a reality. Instead of giving up on this dream, take a volunteer vacation and enjoy a small taste of volunteering abroad.


Since 2006, Travelocity’s Travel for Good(R) program has been awarding $5,000 volunteer vacation grants to passionate people across the nation. And now, we are excited to announce a new way for volunteers to apply for and win these special grants.

Spring Break Options for Every Type

Spring Break can be great. It can be that amazing experience you’ll remember for years afterwards, reminiscing with your friends and bringing up those unforgettable moments. It’s got that magical touch to it; after all, it’s practically the first real vacation you’ll have after winter.

However, one Spring Break experience may be out of this world for one person and be drop dead awful for another. Just imagine the bookworm at the soul train party in Miami. Or the party girl saving turtles in Costa Rica. So to be sure you’re taking the right Spring Break for your personality, match yourself up to the type of traveler you are and see what adventures await.

Get Inspired: Follow these Spring Break Planning Steps

Let me guess…the kids just started the new semester yet they’re already talking about their next big break? Well, so are we; it’s go time for booking that spring break trip.

If you haven’t already made the purchase, you should at least be on the lookout for travel deals and spring promotions. To get you started with the planning process (if your household is a democracy, that is!), get the entire family involved to make your trip planning a real part of the journey. Here’s how:

Call a family meeting. The topic of discussion: vacation! When everyone is invested in the planning process, it makes the experience of travel more fun. Talk with your kids about what types of places they would like to visit, or ask if they’ve learned about any interesting cities in school.