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5 Secrets to Scoring Travel Deals on Travelocity: The Best Insider Tips

Well, it’s that time of year again: travel-booking season. This week alone I’ve gotten three emails from friends asking me if I have any insider secrets on how to score the best deals on our site.


After answering each of them, I realized it might be nice to share these “secrets” with all of you. In truth, they’re not really secrets but it is surprising how many people don’t know how to harness the power of sites like Travelocity and find the best deals.

Here are my Top 5 Secrets to Scoring Travel Deals on Travelocity:


Top 10 Spring Beach Destinations

Winter weather has pounded the country, particularly the Northeast, and New York City residents have experienced more snowfall this January than any other on record. For the hearty, the mounting snow is a welcome transformation from the typical bleak winter landscape found this time of year. Many others, however, feel enough’s enough.

Historical Travelocity data shows the majority of spring vacation bookings are made at this time of year. With seven weeks to go until the official start of the spring season, it’s no wonder for many, beaches are on the brain.

According to booking data, Florida beaches remain the most popular for those seeking sun, sand and surf, though spots in Hawaii, the Caribbean and Mexico also made this year’s top 10 list.

Tips for Buying International Travel Insurance

Please join us in welcoming guest author Andrew Hickey, a travel writer and contributor to Aol Travel.

You’ve purchased your airline tickets, booked the perfect hotel and just finished packing your bags for what is sure to be a memorable vacation. But very few of us think about what would happen if you were to get hurt or sick during the trip. That’s why international travel insurance is key in some cases. Here are some ways to make sure you’re covered when you’re in a foreign land.

The Cost: When shopping around for the international travel insurance plan that best fits your needs, the lowest priced policy isn’t always the best one. Compare and contrast a few offerings and see if they include the most benefits at the best rate. Also always check both the price of the policy and how much the deductible will set you back if you need to make a claim.

Read original article on Aol Travel for more tips on buying international travel insurance.

Photo by ashleyt on Flickr

Beach Tips: How to Have a Guaranteed Fun Time

Destination is picked, and the transportation is settled. Now how do you know you’ll have a guaranteed fun time? There’s nothing like staring at your clock in your cubicle and finally going out to have your expectations crushed. There are just too many variables that could ruin a good time- after all there’s Mother Nature, your friend’s headache (and consequently bad mood), or even the overpriced bottle of water that could just bring your hopes down inch by inch. If you’ve read my profile, you’ve noticed that I’m a bit disorganized when it comes to my travel planning. However, I balance my disheveled itinerary with my must-haves for a good beach visit and in the end it turns out quite alright.

How do I find Super Bowl travel deals?

Dear Editors,

I don’t have tickets to the game, but I want to go to Dallas during the Super Bowl and watch it from there. Any tricks to finding a good deal? Also, any recommendations on where to stay? I don’t know Dallas very well, and I see there are a lot of hotels in surrounding areas.


Hi Brian,

You came to the right place! I’m a Dallas native and can give you some local tips on where to stay, but first, I want to set your expectations in terms of deals. The cost to travel to a big event such as the Super Bowl is going to be set at a premium. A Travelocity data report shows average airfare to Dallas for Super Bowl weekend is $326 for a roundtrip ticket; hotel rates average $188 per night; and car rental rates average $226 for the weekend. These are higher than typical averages for the Dallas area, so keep those Super Bowl price points in mind as you search for your travel deal.