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Travel Gains of 2010

2010 was the year we all complained about crowded seats, lack of baggage space, and extra fees, fees, fees! In the early part of the year, the ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland wreaked havoc on air travel and we’re now ending the year with a big old East Coast blizzard doing the same. But we did see some travel gains this year. Most notably when it comes to the tarmac rule, passed by the Department of Transportation. Planes can no longer sit on the tarmac for more than three hours at a stretch without the airlines shouldering a hefty fine, and this has drastically cut down on the numbers of planes engaged in this practice (despite the fact that the airlines screamed this couldn’t be done).

The Stars Above, the Road Below

Today, a Google news search for “lunar eclipse” brings up over 3,200 results. A search for “Tron?” Only 1,200.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the celestial has reached celebrity status. From the annual Perseid meteor showers to the nearly centennial appearance of Halley’s Comet, astronomical events always have a way of capturing headlines. It’s the beauty of it. The wildness. The sense of something massive looming behind the stars. And you can experience it at any time, if you just know where to look.

What happens in the event of a flight cancellation?

Dear Editors,

I’m flying out of Chicago on Thursday to see my family for Christmas, and storms are expected. What happens in the event of a flight cancellation? Is there anything I can do to prepare?



Dear Helen,

Since most flight cancellations during the holidays are due to bad weather, travelers flying over the next couple of weeks are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Aside from proactively changing your flight to beat the storm, which is a costly and impractical option for most travelers, the best thing to do is cross your fingers and hope for the best.

10 Tips for Adventure Travel with Kids

Please join us in welcoming the Voelkel Family to The Window Seat. J&P Voelkel are the cowriters of The Jaguar Stones book series including, Book One: Middleworld and Book Two: The End of The World Club.

The first time we took our three kids to the Central American jungle, the youngest was only two. We worried she’d get eaten by a jaguar but, in reality, the biggest problem was getting her to swallow her anti-malaria medicine.


Gnomeversation: Small Talk with a Whistler Expert

Gnome’s Note: Hello chaps, it’s the Travelocity Roaming Gnome! Even though I have a rather impressive list of travels under my belt, globetrotters like me still fancy a few new travel tidbits now and again. That’s why I’m interviewing Travelocity’s very own destination experts. Meet me here to learn insider tips about these smashing places.

What an epic ski destination! The latest winter games left oodles of fantastic additions for travelers to enjoy in Whistler, so says Sebastien Dubois, one of Travelocity’s Canada experts.