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After the Mine Rescue: Travel to Chile and Beyond

With last week’s dramatic and amazing rescue of the Chilean miners, some travel industry experts are expecting a resurgence of tourism to Chile and surrounding areas in South America. This couldn’t come at a better time, as Chile was still struggling in the wake of the tremendous earthquake that struck earlier this year. The national pride on display on TV as miner after miner was pulled up from the depths of the Earth was infectious and a reminder of the hospitality and encouraging spirit that greets guests to this part of the world.

Can I buy a round-trip ticket but only use one leg?

Dear Editors,

I’ve been shopping for a one-way ticket to visit my sister, and I noticed that the one-way is actually higher than round-trip fare. How could this be? If I go ahead and buy a round-trip ticket, can I just use one leg?





Dear Stephanie,

The short answer: no, you can’t use just one leg. The practice is called throwaway ticketing, and it’s actually prohibited by most carriers. When customers do this, most airlines reserve the right to cancel any remaining part of the itinerary or even charge the customer for the remaining value of the ticket. That said, you should always read the fare rules and the Contract of Carriage before you purchase your airfare because rules do vary from airline to airline. (Although, not that much in most cases!)

Gnomeversation: Small Talk with a Bahamas Expert

Gnome’s Note: Hello chaps, it’s the Travelocity Roaming Gnome! Even though I have a rather impressive list of travels under my belt, globetrotters like me still fancy a few new travel tidbits now and again. That’s why I’m interviewing Travelocity’s very own destination experts. Meet me here every Wednesday to learn about a smashing new place.

Dear, oh, dear. I can’t stop thinking about conch! Conch salad! Conch fritters! Cracked conch! Conch soup! Conch chowder! Just talking to Sara Fried, Travelocity’s expert on The Bahamas, has stirred up quite the appetite.

You know, they say that one of the best ways to experience a destination is through its food, and Sara tells me that conch is the must-try local dish on Nassau/Paradise Island in The Bahamas. This lady sure does know her way to a Gnome’s heart!