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How Do I Get a Cheap Flight this Thanksgiving?

Dear Editors,

I want to fly home for the Thanksgiving but airfare seems really high. How can I get a cheap flight this holiday season?


Dear Jane,

Can you believe Turkey Day is just over four weeks away? You’re certainly not alone in your quest to find a cheap flight, which means there’s stiff competition for the lowest-priced seats. Fares aren’t likely to go down, so I suggest you pull the trigger on your flight home, stat.

Go Green and Save Green in Las Vegas: The Roaming Gnome’s Green Tour of Vegas

With alternative-fuel limousines, LED-lighted casinos, and sustainably-sourced restaurants, Las Vegas is getting serious about going green. And this October 26-27, the Travelocity Roaming Gnome is headed to The Strip to investigate this new trend for himself.



In the past decade, many Las Vegas hotels have embarked on aggressive efforts to greatly reduce their environmental footprints. To date, Travelocity’s Green Hotel Directory has flagged more than 20 resorts on The Strip with its coveted eco-friendly leaf, which identifies certified hotels.

Postcard from College Station

Please join us in welcoming guest author Joel Frey, one of the Travelocity Roaming Gnome’s most trusted publicists.

Since our daughter Megan’s junior year of high school, our family has taken up a new hobby: searching for an institution of higher learning that will be the right fit for her. During Spring Break 2010, we paired this quest with our love of travel, creating wonderful memories in Memphis, Oxford, Miss., Nashville and Murfreesboro, Tenn.

As the college seeking mission continued entering Megan’s senior year, I wanted to add another element to the equation: football.  I’ve spent many a Saturday reveling with the zealots who bleed the colors of their alma maters or favorite teams. I wanted Megan to feel this energy firsthand, but I was unsure of the proper venue. The Grove at Ole Miss? Wisconsin’s Camp Randall? Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge?

Fall Foliage Spots for Procrastinating Peepers

Leaf peeping season is almost over yet I would have never known that it had even arrived. Living in this climate bubble called San Francisco, fall to me means enjoying the city’s Indian summer. It also means that travel is off limits during September and October since the weather here is at its best. Needless to say, I haven’t seen a vibrant red maple leaf since visiting Vermont’s Equinox Resort several years ago.

Gnomeversation: Small Talk with an Aussie

Gnome’s Note: Hello chaps, it’s the Travelocity Roaming Gnome! Even though I have a rather impressive list of travels under my belt, globetrotters like me still fancy a few new travel tidbits now and again. That’s why I’m interviewing Travelocity’s very own destination experts. Meet me here every Wednesday to learn about a smashing new place.

Believe you me, the jaunt across that gigantic pond to Australia is well worth your pennies. Even Oprah is going there! And you know what they say: Oprah is the queen of…well…everything.