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Travelocity Employees Volunteer in Glacier: Win a $1,000 Voluntourism Grant

At Travelocity, we talk a lot about volunteer vacations. In fact, every quarter we give away three $5,000 voluntourism grants to help send volunteers all over the world.

And last week, we walked the talk. Or perhaps I should say, we HIKED the talk. In honor of Glacier National Park’s 100th anniversary, we sent 10 employees from offices all over the nation to do trail restoration in the park.

More than 200 employees entered the contest to win a coveted spot on the trip and the 10 lucky volunteers showed up ready to work. We were even joined by the fearless Travelocity Roaming Gnome.

Get a Grip: How to Stop Worrying and Start Climbing

We’ve all got our phobias.

Spiders. Tight spaces. M. Night Shyamalan movies. But if there’s one thing that tops the list for a lot of people, it’s acrophobia—fear of heights. For most folks it’s just a little shiver as they peer down off a precipice, while some get jittery just thinking about heights. But even those in the latter category (myself included!) can learn to enjoy a little altitude. You just need to know where to start.

The Difference Between Baggage and a Suitcase

Sunday night’s Mad Men episode was all about suitcases, a topic that’s gotten a lot of coverage here on The Window Seat. In the show, the suitcase not only embodied the metaphor of possibility, durability, and “going places,” but also that which weighs us down, our “baggage.” It has always struck me as unsettling that the suitcase, tied so intrinsically in my mind to travel and adventure and the call of the unknown, would also have this flip-side negative connotation. “He’s got baggage,” we say, to imply that someone carries a heavy emotional load.

Slip Slidin’ Away In Singapore’s Changi Airport

I always loved Changi Airport. My parents lived in Singapore for seven years, so I was frequent visitor. The restaurants were surprisingly good, the public spaces were filled with massage chairs and free Internet terminals, and the whole place was (unsurprisingly, if not a little stereotypically) spotless.

Now, however, I think I love Changi Airport even more: they’ve recently added a 40-foot slide.