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Cape Cod: Ice Cream, Baseball, and Beaches Too

You know how every traveler has that confession that makes people look at him or her sideways? Their “I thought Paris was overrated” or “I went to China and didn’t see the Great Wall” or even “I’m terrified of flying”? Mine is, I’m not much a beach person. Even when I’m so lucky as to find myself on one of world’s best beaches, I become more preoccupied with sun poisoning, sharks, and sand in the pants than with soothing waves.

So one of my favorite types of discoveries is the beach destination for non-beach lovers. And I don’t know how it took me so long to “discover” Cape Cod, because it’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a picturesque beach town with much, much more to offer.

We Do Good Awards Finalists: Help Someone Take the Trip of a Lifetime

A while back, I blogged about the $5,000 voluntourism grant we donated to WeTV’s We Do Good Awards. For months, they’ve been searching the nation for the most inspiring women volunteers and now the finalists have been announced.

All of the finalists are very inspiring. Hop over to the site now, and vote for your favorite lady. (You don’t have to sign up to vote so the whole process only takes a second or two.)


Consider Booking a Top Secret Hotel If…

Over the past few months, I’ve booked four star hotels in Las Vegas for $32 per night, in Portland for $89 per night and in New York City for $212 per night – all through Travelocity’s Top Secret Hotels. This has become my first stop when I’m looking for a hotel deal – usually.

Being a Travelocity editor, you may expect me to unabashedly sing the praises of our product, but I realize hitting that buy button before you know the exact name of the hotel isn’t right for every single trip. While everyone’s comfort level is different, I’ve found the Top Secret Hotels offering helpful in a number of circumstances.


Consider booking a Top Secret Hotel if…

Alcatraz Island: Doing Time at The Rock

Traditionally, I haven’t been the most mainstream traveler. I hang back from the crowds, hunt out hole-in-the-wall diversions, and generally do what I can to skip the tourist hot-spots. Which means that after three years of living in San Francisco, the closest I’ve gotten to a tour group is shouldering through one on my way to work. So I’ve come up with a new travel mission: to tour San Francisco so thoroughly that I can point to Coit Tower in my sleep. And the natural starting point of such an expedition is Alcatraz Island, America’s sixth most popular tourist attraction.