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Travelocity Builds a New Green Deals Page: Save up to 40% on Green Travel Deals

If you’re anything like me, you want to make more sustainable choices, but you’re also on a budget. Plus, you don’t have time to search high and low for greener travel options.

Well, Travelocity has heard your pleas! We’ve just launched a green travel deals page. This one-stop shop showcases all of our best savings on green hotels site-wide and even allows you to book a vacation package, a hybrid car rental, a carbon offset, and more. You can save up to 40% on your green globetrotting!

Green travel deals page

Is it our place to comment on the President’s vacations?

So the Obama family is off to Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow for some much-deserved R&R. I mean, if there’s one person in the country who needs a afternoon nap on a sunny porch, followed up by a sunset G&T and an early night, it’s the guy that’s running it, right?

But from what I’ve been reading in the press, President Obama’s impending summer vacation is not without a little controversy: some people are asking if he should he even be taking some time off in the first place, with the country in the state it’s in. And why Martha’s Vineyard, longtime playground of the rich and elite, instead of…say, Peoria, Illinois?

Travelocity Data Shows Cheap Flights for Labor Day Travel

Travelocity’s Labor Day data report reveals good news for travelers looking for cheap flights over the upcoming holiday weekend. Average domestic airfare is at its lowest point of the summer and Labor Day weekend is the least expensive of the three summer holiday weekends to fly. Additionally, the average year-over-year fare increase is lowest for Labor Day weekend travel.

I See Naked Hippies

One long weekend and two agonizing breakups prompted my friend, Jamie, and I to go on a vacation therapy getaway. Much like retail therapy, which I’m also a huge fan of, vacation therapy aims to drown your sorrows in worldly comforts. However, our pitiful decisions for the weekend leave my travel expertise up for debate. Let’s just blame that on the heartache that ensued.

Since our final destination was a good 10-hour drive from San Francisco, we decided to stay the night somewhere in the middle. Our choice: Weed, Calif. A stone’s throw from Mt. Shasta National Forest, this area of upstate California is known for its scenic beauty and outdoor pursuits…something that I can do without.