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All Aboard the Norwegian Epic

“I never realized it before,” says Matt, watching the Statue of Liberty drift out of sight, “but I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise.”

And really, that’s the meat of it. You’ve got a rum punch sweating on the balcony, a blissfully open itinerary, and zero pressure to do anything except enjoy yourself–an easy task when you’re on a ship as well-equipped as the Norwegian Epic.

Just look at this thing!

Norwegian Epic

Save the Earth and Some Cash with Green Luggage

At this point, most green travelers know the basics of lowering your carbon emissions on the road. But there is one aspect you probably haven’t thought much about–and it’s likely to be one of the biggest contributions to your overall footprint. What am I talking about? Why your luggage, of course!


(Photo courtesy of IgoUgo member AmandaLyn)

When greening your luggage, you should consider three key factors: quality, materials, and weight. But first, let’s consider if you really need new luggage, shall we?

Travelocity Poll: More Than Half of Travelers Share Vacation Information on Social Media Sites

Travelocity’s most recent poll shows more than half of all travelers share vacation information through social media sites. With summer vacations in full swing, many travelers are looking forward to sharing the details of their trips with friends and family. In today’s world, the easiest way to share is through social media, but people should be conscious of when and what they share to avoid giving away too much information about when they’ll be away from home.

Nearly 30 percent of travelers have either never thought about precautions or do not take any precautions when posting about vacation on social media web sites. Twenty-seven percent post limited vacation information; the rest do not allow any vacation posts.

Travelocity’s tips for safe sharing on social media sites:

What’s Your Dream Trip?

My dream trip changes according to my mood. Sometimes I dream of seeing the Northern Lights—from a hot tub near the Arctic Circle. Other times, I imagine myself staying in one of those glass-bottomed bungalows in Tahiti, a giant sunset touching upon the waves in front of me and a school of fish swimming beneath my feet. But I’ve got to admit, once I saw the five amazing dream trips that Travelocity is giving away right now, I’m considering changing my mind to riding a wine train through Chile, exploring New Zealand’s fjords, shopping atop the Alps in Switzerland, taking photographs along the beaches of Cape Town in South Africa, and experiencing what a space shuttle launch might be like at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.