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Hudson River Valley: More Than a Wedding Destination

As Chelsea Clinton’s wedding guests descend (reportedly) on Rhinebeck, New York, today, the small Hudson River Valley town is banking on a big tourism boost. But the valley is more than a wedding destination and more than a quick getaway from New York City: it’s a truly stunning part of the country, as pretty as New England and as friendly as the Midwest.

As the area’s biggest fan, I thought I’d round up my favorite places and ways to spend a day upstate:

Visit (or check into) one of the 430+ Rhinebeck sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places; see an air show at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome; and hit the local wine trails. Visit in September for the fabulous Hudson Valley Wine and Food Fest.

Postcard from Marfa

Please join us in welcoming guest author Joel Frey, one of the Travelocity Roaming Gnome’s most trusted publicists.

Call me a sucker for good PR.  Over  the years, I’ve read a handful of glowing travel stories on Marfa, Texas, a town of a 2,121 people about 200 miles southeast of my home in El Paso. Most of these reviews first focused on the “Mystery Lights,” followed by a summation of the artist Donald Judd’s ties to the area and wrapped up with a few paragraphs on a revival which has seen an influx of galleries, restaurants and renovations spring life into an otherwise a dusty ranching town. Inspired by The New York Times, my wife and I recently spent a weekend there.

Summer Reading List: 7 Beach Books for Your Next Trip

Ever since I got my Kindle, I’ve been plowing through books, yet somehow I’ve been remiss this year about getting my summer reading list out in time. So, here it is! You’ve still got the rest of July and all of August to get in some of these reads on your next beach vacation. Just grab a folding chair and stick your toes in the sand… And, please don’t forget to leave your own beach-read recommendations in the comments section!

How can I find a cheap last minute deal

Dear Editors,

This is the first summer that my husband and I haven’t taken our kids on a family vacation, and we feel guilty that we haven’t gone anywhere. We’re on a tight budget but would like to do a quick trip within the next few weeks before the kids go back to school. I’ve done some research…and last minute trips are expensive! Is there anything I can do to find a cheap last minute vacation?


Dear Meryl,