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10 Great Packing Tips

This week couldn’t go by fast enough, could it? In fact, you’re already starting to pack for your Memorial Day getaway, aren’t you? But, do you really need all of those shoes? Well…do you?! It’s only a three day weekend. I say, pare down, and spend the $50 you would end up paying on roundtrip baggage fees on a nice dinner instead. Here’s how:

10 Great Packing Tips

Are there Alcoholics Anonymous meetings on cruise ships

Dear Editors,

I am looking for a cruise line with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Any help would be great.



Hi Ron,

Great question! Many travelers (including me!) are surprised to discover that cruise lines do indeed hold AA meetings on their ships. In fact, almost every major cruise line hosts these meetings, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity, Princess and Holland America. Once you’re on board, just look on the daily schedule for an activity called Friends of Bill W. – named after the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Before you book your cruise, Travelocity agents would be happy to confirm that the cruise line will be holding the meetings during your sailing. You can call them at 1-877-815-5446.

Happy Travels,

Are there good deals to Europe this summer

Dear Editors,

I’ve heard that it’s a great year to go to Europe because there are so many deals out there. Is this true?


Hi Monica,

With everything that is happening economically in Europe right now, there seems to be a tiny misconception that prices to Europe have taken a plunge. That is simply not the case. Last year was THE year for deals to Europe with both airfare and hotel rates tanking. Overall, prices for this summer are up over last year, but Europe is still a good deal when compared to two years ago. That said, the economic crisis in Europe does have its advantages for American travelers. Have you taken a look at the value of the greenback these days?