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Yes, You Can Drink In Utah!

On the first night of my recent Utah ski trip, my local guide raised a glass to propose this toast: Here’s to a week of great skiing and proving that you really can get a drink in Utah!

It didn’t take much to prove that point. Outings to restaurants with extravagant wine lists, après ski taverns and local distilleries all did their part to debunk the myth of strict drinking laws in Utah.

Because a good stereotype is meant to be squashed, I’m passing along my very scientific research findings to you: a collection of spots to throw one back in the not-so-dry state! The qualifications for my list are simple. It has to come recommended by a local, and it has to serve intoxicating libations.

Will a 3-Hour Rule Cause More Harm Than Good?

This weekend I got a taste of the trouble the new three-hour limit on tarmac delays may cause when it goes into effect on April 29—and it was sour stuff. The bitter pill? If you get to the three-hour mark and your flight isn’t canceled, it will at least be much more delayed.

I was on a flight trying to leave JFK Airport during heavy storms on the East Coast, so a delay came as no surprise. But when we reached the three-hour milestone on the tarmac—marked with loud complaints from folks around me as they realized they’d already missed connecting flights—the pilot explained we’d be returning to the gate in deference to the upcoming rule (and to refuel).

Watch: Spring Skiing Deals

Looking for a great spring break deal? Most people have  islands on the brain, but some of the best deals are found in the mountains. Spring skiing is a rare convergence of the best deals, the best weather and fewest crowds. Watch my interview on spring skiing deals in Colorado from the top of Keystone Mountain.

St. Patty’s Day the Irish Way

If you think green beer and corned beef are the only makings of St. Patrick’s Day, you haven’t been celebrating in Ireland. That’s not to say that the U.S. take on the holiday is wrong–Chicago pretty much tops the charts with its extravagant green river–but over in the land of Blarney, it’s a whole different festival.

St. Patrick’s Day actually started out as a religious holiday celebrating the life of St. Patrick. And while there are still a few souls who start the day in church, the focus of the holiday swung from reverence to revelry a long time ago. Today, Ireland indulges in a full six days of eating, drinking, and merrymaking in honor of their country’s patron saint.