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Escape to the Islands: Three Luxury Hotel Deals

If you’re still looking to escape to the islands this spring, you’re in luck. Luxury hotels have been hit harder than lower-category hotels and deals at these fancy properties are yours for the booking. I’ve uncovered three deals on three different islands: Barbados, Bermuda, and St. Croix. So pack your fanciest bathing suit and get ready to live it up on the beach this spring.

Where: The Fairmont Southampton, Bermuda

What: 50 percent off room rates

When: Book by March 31, travel by August 31

Insider tip: June is looking pretty tight; there’s more availability in April and May.

Question of the Week: Does My Baby Need a Passport?

Dear Editors,

Does a nine-month-old baby need a passport when returning to the U.S. from Mexico?



Photo courtesy hjl via Flickr.


Hi Jose,

As I’m sure you’ve found out, the answer to this question isn’t as clear-cut as you’d think. You can thank the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative for that! This initiative went into action in 2007, making it much more difficult–and often impossible–to travel between Western Hemisphere countries without a passport. In the case of your child, whether or not she/he needs a passport depends entirely on how you plan to travel.