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Human Bed Warmers at Hotels: Would You Use One?

Look, I like slipping into a nice warm bed as much as the next person—especially a hotel bed, and especially when I’m vacationing in a cold destination—but one chain has taken it to an entirely new level. At select Holiday Inns in England, guests can request a “human bed warmer” before they turn in for the night.

Say what?

As part of a pioneering new program, Holiday Inn is offering the service–for free, it should be noted—to guests at one of their properties in London and one in Manchester. When you sign up for a human bed warmer (can you imagine having that on your resume, by the way?), you’ll receive a visit from a Holiday Inn employee dressed in a head-to-toe “sleep suit” (which, presumably, is super hygienic) who’ll slip between your covers for five minutes and warm up the sheets.

Winter Weekend in Lake Placid, New York

I’ve never been much into the Olympics, but after a trip to Vancouver and Whistler in January I caught a bit of a bug. Anxious to keep the spirit alive as I waited for the Games to begin, I planned an early February trip to Lake Placid, NY, home to the 1932 and 1980 Winter Games and a place both entrenched in and proud of its Olympic history. From ‘Miracle Monday’ specials at the famous Dancing Bears Bar to the photos of champion Olympians past hanging on the walls at the High Peaks Resort to the signs all over town wishing ‘good luck’ to local Andrew Weilbrecht, member of the US Olympic Alpine Ski Team — the Olympic ties practically hit you over the head at every turn in this tiny town in New York’s Adirondacks.

100 Hotels Under $100 + Fun Sweepstakes!

A look at spring travel data tells us that average hotel rates are still down slightly over last year, hovering around $156 for a domestic hotel stay and $218 for an international hotel stay. When you compare these numbers to hotel prices in 2008 and see that they’re down 14 percent and 11 percent respectively, you can’t argue that they’re a real steal.

The relative inexpensiveness of travel at this point in time makes my job as a bargain hunter and tips guru, well, easy. Everything seems to be a deal right now, but a thrifty shopper looks for lower-than-average hotel stays. We decided to make the hunt easy for you, listing 100 Hotels Under $100.