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Kevin Smith Spurs Debate on Overweight Passenger Policies

Kevin Smith’s ejection from a Southwest Airlines flight earlier this month has led to some heavy public debate over “Customer of Size” policies. The film director, who was asked to leave the aircraft because of his weight, stirred up a PR nightmare when he railed against the airline on his Twitter page–rejecting multiple apologies and an offer of a $100 flight voucher. Southwest claims that their actions are consistent with a 29-year policy dealing with heavy passengers.

The Hierarchy of Hotel Tipping

Travelocity’s most recent poll of over 2,000 North Americans revealed that despite the economic recession of 2009, the vast majority (76 percent) continued to tip hotel employees as they had in the year prior. 11 percent reported tipping less while the remaining 13 percent reported tipping more.

Good news for hotel employees, especially if you’re a bellhop or maid. Why bellhop or maid, you ask? Because of hotel staff encountered during their visits, these are the two employees most likely to get tipped by guests. Who is the poor soul at the bottom of the hotel tipping hierarchy? The pool attendant. Somewhere in between fall the valet, concierge and doorman.

Watch Out for Windburn: Nude Skiing and Sledding Win Acceptance

I thought I’d heard it all after learning about no-pants subway rides and nude flights. But those underdressed endeavors seem tame compared to naked skiing and sledding: neither wind, nor snow, nor hail can keep these sports’ cold, bold athletes from careering down mountains in the buff.

Among the best ski resorts for nude skiers are, evidently, Squaw Valley; Telluride; and Obertraun, Austria, where clothing-optional cross-country trails have earned it the mantle “Europe’s nude ski mecca.” It sounds like one awkward après-ski scene to me.

Have Gun, Will Travel to America’s National Parks

As of yesterday, the traveling public is now allowed to bring loaded handguns into most of our national parks as long as they follow the local state laws (for permits and whatnot). Hunting, however, still is illegal within national parkland, as is discharging your weapon, as is bringing a loaded gun into a visitor’s center, so I’m a little unsure of what this new law is supposed to achieve.

Video: Spring Break on a Budget

Last week I was asked to appear on ABC News Now to discuss spring break deals and how to get the best deal on a hotel stay. We also talked about 100 hotels for under $100 and a great deal going on in the Bahamas. The gist of the interview is that you’re going to find great hotel deals out there for spring break — in fact, in addition to giving tips I also name four hotels with rates under $100 per night this spring. You can watch the video here: