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25 Charmingly Vintage Travel Ads

It’s hard for me to think “ad” without immediately sticking “banner” in front of it. And with such a strong modern association between advertising and the internet, it’s even stranger to consider that hand-painted ads and posters were the norm just a few decades back. So, as a tribute to commercial travel’s rich history–and a visual break from the twitching, screen-devouring flash ads we’ve gotten so used to–I’d like to share 25 of my favorite vintage travel ads:




Panama City Gets Southwest Service: Company Subsidizes Airline?

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a native of Panama City, Florida. Very few of us have left the Redneck Riviera–and that is probably because the Emerald Coast is one of our nation’s best kept secrets. It’s gorgeous there. Hand on my heart, the beaches blow away anything I’ve ever seen in Hawaii or California and are on par with the best shores of the Caribbean. But my quiet–and okay, a bit backwater–town may soon be thrust into the tourism spotlight.

Ever Seen Anyone Famous While You’ve Been Traveling?

I have many celeb sightings to my name, including Meryl Streep (getting into a taxi in New York), Michelle Obama (walking down the street towards me in San Francisco, flanked by Secret Service men who were escorting her into an Italian restaurant), and Dexter Holland from The Offspring (schmoozing it up in the Met Bar in London.) Okay, wait, maybe that last one doesn’t really count. Dexter who?

Cheapest Travel Days for Thanksgiving

Looking at Travelocity’s Thanksgiving travel data, I can tell you that the average domestic airfare is $361, but taking a deeper dive into the number reveals a much more informative story for travelers who are trying to save a buck. A day-by-day analysis of flight bookings from Nov. 22 thru Dec.1 shows a dramatic swing in airfares, going from $280 to $459 depending on what days you fly.

Check out average domestic airfares on the chart below to determine which travel days may be cheapest for you.