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Find Your Roots in Butte

Glastonbury? It’s a mudbath. Bonnaroo? Been there, done that. Woodstock? Oh, that’s so 1969, darling. If you’re looking for the next big summer music festival, look no further than Butte, Montana, where the 71st National Folk Festival is taking place this weekend, July 10-12.

But what’s it got going for it? Well, for a start it’s gloriously, magically, wonderfully free, and we all know that free is the best price in an economy like this. For another thing, it sounds like an awful lot of fun: featuring everything from gospel to polka to bluegrass to klezmer to mariachi to western swing, the festival runs for three days on seven separate stages, meaning there’s always going to be something to watch.

My husband and I are teachers in an isolated community. We need a relaxing vacation before school starts again. Can you help

Hi Katherine,

A summer vacation: hurrah! Those are always the most fun to plan for—and, as luck would have it, you’ve picked a really great time to travel. Prices are significantly lower right now than they were this time in 2008, so not only will your money go further, but the timing of your trip should mean that you get to go further as well!

Since hotels are usually the biggest expenditure for any vacation, it’s always a good idea to go where you can find some of the best rates. Let’s start narrowing down your choices by identifying a few destinations where we’re seeing some of the lowest average hotel prices here at Travelocity. (FYI, all the rates below are in U.S. dollars, but you can do the conversion to Canadian quickly and simply at

The Climate Bill and Carbon Offsets: Green Travel is Easy and Affordable

Last week in an unprecedented move, the House narrowly approved an energy bill that would limit harmful greenhouse gases–the first time any chamber of Congress has ever approved limits of this kind. Now the energy bill faces a tough battle in the Senate and already there is vocal opposition from many different camps.

Without access to Capitol Hill, I settled for the next best thing: taking straw polls at happy hour. I asked one simple question: If the climate bill passes, would you be more likely to offset your travels?

Air New Zealand Takes (It All) Off

Forget stripped-down service from the airlines; how about a stripped-down staff instead?

Air New Zealand recruited actual employees to bare all for a new ad campaign promoting the airline as the carrier “whose fares have nothing to hide.” Wearing only body paint, the staff filmed both a TV commercial and an in-flight safety video (and you thought Delta’s safety video was hot!). Take a look.