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The California Academy of Sciences: New Attractions in San Francisco

Catch a ride on a clattering cable car, slurp clam chowder from a sourdough bread bowl, stroll Fisherman’s Wharf–most tourists in San Francisco know the drill. But as locals, it often breaks our hearts to watch the hordes move from one time-honored experience to the next en masse, never stopping to wander without purpose through our charming city, never trying the new thrills and attractions.

I’m handicapped, and I heard about a travel-companion coupon. Do those exist

Hi Susan,

The short answer: not exactly. But you may qualify for certain discounts depending on where you’re traveling and which airline you’re flying, so you’ll definitely want to ask your carrier about its policies regarding personal-care attendants.

Luckily, one sign that traveling with an attendant may become easier and less costly is Canada’s landmark one-person-one-fare ruling. Earlier this year, the Canadian Transportation Agency began requiring domestic flights in Canada to charge the price of only one ticket to disabled people requiring two seats, including those traveling with an attendant (though you do have to meet certain criteria to qualify).

Travel To Mexico: To Go or Not?

It’s no doubt that the recommendation against all non-essential travel has many people thinking twice about their upcoming trips. Travelocity alone has emailed nearly 14,000 customers about this issue and has had over 30,000 page views to their related FAQ. While most people are opting to change their plans for alternate destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, Atlanta, the Bahamas, or the Caribbean some people are still chosing to go. If you have a trip in the coming weeks, what will you do?

Packing Light for a Long Vacation

Sorry to gloat, but I have a much-needed two-week vacation coming up and I’m starting to think about how to pack for the trip. My suitcase, you see, isn’t very big. In fact, it’s what you might call downright small. For the first part of my trip I’m going to be moving around from one place to the next, and so I want something light and versatile, that’s easy to carry up and down steps.

So how to pack two week’s worth of stuff into my small but well-worn suitcase? I’m going to have to be creative—and just accept that I’ll be doing laundry once or twice while on the go. Since I don’t know when or where exactly I’m going to be able to find access to a laundromat, though, there are two areas where I’m definitely not going to skimp: socks and underwear.

As for the rest, my motto’s got to be, “less is more.” I plan to employ the following strategies:

In-Flight WiFi: Take Care of Business or Boredom

Several airlines have announced plans to test and install in-flight WiFi this year, making it possible for passengers to surf the web during their flights. Good news for both business travelers and those who are just plain bored.

According to an article today on, Looking for a Wi-Fi hot spot? Try 10,000 feet up, this is not only a desirable feature for fliers, but it’s also a profitable move for carriers. In the article, Harlan Platt, an airline industry expert and professor of finance at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. said “Normally, air carriers rush to purchase capital equipment that raises their cost but doesn’t raise their revenue. … This is actually a revenue-producing tactic. And it’s a good one because it’s providing value to the passenger and it’s creating incremental revenues for the airline.”