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The Best Rock and Roll Sites of London

Please join us in welcoming William Mullins and Leslie Banker to The Window Seat. They are the co-authors of Britannia in Brief: The Scoop on All Things British and their guest blog reveals the top rock sites in London.

When you marry a Londoner who loves music as much as he loves his native city, excursions around the city follow a different narrative than the usual guidebooks. That’s how I know that Notting Hill was the neighborhood where Jimi Hendrix finally kissed the sky and where the riots occurred that inspired the song “White Riot” by the Clash. We were in London last spring doing research for our book, Britannia in Brief, and as we walked for miles William noted a few of his favorite music destinations in the city.

Air New Zealand’s Matchmaking Flight: Hook up with the Cutie in 14B

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match…at 40,000 feet?! If your mom has set you up with every available soul within a 50-mile radius, you’ve tried more times than you care to admit, and you’re still looking for Mr. or Ms. Right, you might try heading down under.

Air New Zealand is introducing the world’s first Matchmaking Flight. Adventurers looking for amour can book this flight from Los Angeles to Auckland on October 13, 2009 and see if sparks fly in the air. And you’re going to love the price. Round-trip flights are starting at just $780*. The airline will also treat you to a pre-flight gate party, themed food, drink, and games to encourage mingling on the flight, and a singles-only bash at the SKYCITY Convention Centre in Auckland.

10 Summer Hotspots 2009

Have you heard the news? The economy stinks. I know, you’re shocked (shocked!). But despite what some reports would have you believe, people are still traveling. Maybe not at the same rates or with the same budget as in past years, but they’re still going. After all, what would summer be without vacation? Like a day without sunshine? Or like a gnome without a garden?

Travelocity has just released a list of ten summer hotspots for 2009. Think of it as a “most improved,” rather than a “most popular” list. These ten domestic destinations are seeing a rise in popularity despite one-third of travelers cutting back on their summer vacation budgets. Good news in tourism alert! The local economies of these destinations should benefit from their improved rankings.

Easy Money: Resort Credits

Don’t get me wrong — discounted room rates are great. Like a moth to a flame, I’m drawn in by percent-off promotions when I shop for a hotel deal. And these enticing deals are everywhere — 25% off! No, no wait, there’s another one – 40% off! Wait – 60% off!

And then I stop to think — 60% off what, exactly? If you don’t know the starting price of a hotel room, the discount may not mean much to you.

Personally, I like my discounts in dollars. Resort credits offer a specific dollar amount for you to spend while you’re at your hotel on cocktails, food, spa treatments — you name it. It is one of the most popular hotel trends in a down economy and, depending on the amount, can add a great deal of value to your vacation. Here are three  resort credit offers available right now: