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Travel News to Smile About

As the media covers the spread of swine flu and the story of the low-flying plane that flew past the office yesterday, today’s news stories aren’t exactly travel-inspiring. So I went hunting for happy headlines until I found some reasons why it’s a great week to be a traveler. Here are my favorites; please add yours!

11 Historic Places in the U.S. Get Some Help
The National Trust for Historic Preservation has revealed its 2009 list of endangered historic places. While that’s gloomy on the surface, it means these places have a chance of getting the attention they need to survive.

We’re traveling to Europe with my 1-year-old grandson. Can you recommend a portable crib and backpack/stroller carrier

Hi Alicia,

Traveling with a baby is not always easy. I should know as I’m new to traveling with one! The problem is all their stuff can make things unwieldy and then of course you add into the mix a baby and… it can feel overwhelming at just the thought. Planning ahead and packing smart are more important than ever. Both you and your baby will get better with experience so I suggest making a few “test” trips before your big vacation.

slotRadio: The Best Music Player for Rugged Travels

Every time I whipped out my iPhone in Thailand the locals said the same exact thing: Want to sell? I quickly realized my precious gadget was an easy target for pickpocketing and I needed to make sure I knew where it was at all times. Look, I loved Thailand, but scams and theft are a reality there.

The kicker was, I hadn’t brought my iPhone to Thailand so I could use it as an emergency phone. If that had been the case, I could have left it locked up in the safe in my hotel room and never worried about it again. No, I brought it with me because it’s my music player. And I think you’ll agree with me that I’d rather tour the world with Rachel Ray and listen to her say, “Yummo!” on repeat than travel without music.

Problem: I need a cheaper, lighter music player for my rugged adventures.
Solution: slotRadio

Earth Day Challenge

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re challening all travelers to Make Good with the Earth by contributing to the Conservation Fund’s Go Zero program, offsetting your travels for the year. When you make a donation, the Conservation Fund plants native trees on protected lands to aid in the fight against climate change, promote the restoration of wildlife habitats, improve water and air quality and enhance outdoor recreation areas.

Through the challenge, we’re encouraging travelers to address the carbon impact of both their past and future trips. All you need to do is follow the guidelines below to measure your carbon footprint, and make a donation to the Conservation Fund to negate the carbon emissions created by your trip.

Duration: 1 day
Offset: 0.4280 short tons of CO2
Cost: $3.42 per person