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TWS Deal of the Day

Welcome to the first TWS Deal of the Day entry! This is a brand-new feature highlighting the best travel deals available.

Photo courtesy of IgoUgo member Ben the Grate.


Best of Barbados: Get up to $600 air credit, free nights, free breakfast daily and more  when you book your 5 or 7-night stay Barbados vacation by April 10, 2009 for travel May 1 to July 15 or September 1 to December 20.

Participating hotels and resorts include:

Almond Beach Club – All Inclusive

Almond Beach Village – All Inclusive

Almond Casuarina – All Inclusive

Barbados Beach Club – All Inclusive

Beach View Hotel

Bougainvillea Beach Resort

Colony Club Hotel

Crystal Cove Hotel – All Inclusive

Gallivanting and Giving Back in Thailand with Susan Skog

Please join us in welcoming writer and humanitarian Susan Skog to The Window Seat. She is the author of six books, including her latest The Give-Back Solution: Create a Better World with Your Time, Talents and Travel, which features Travelocity’s Travel for Good program. Her guest blog tells of her volunteer vacation through Thailand with her son.

My teenaged son, Evan, and I were hanging out the window of the Death Railway Train as it plunged through the emerald Thai countryside, dropping down along the River Kwai. We grinned at each other, our faces pulled tight by the wind, as tamarind trees with outrageous purplish plumes, enchanting temples, and farmers tending sugarcane fields rushed past our rolling car.

Frequent Flier Miles for Charity

With many of us scaling back on travel this year, what can we do with all of our unused frequent flier miles?

Well, you could consider donating your frequent flier miles to a charity of your choice.

Many airlines work with national and local charities to set up programs that allow travelers to donate their frequent flier miles to worthy causes from a list of organizations.  Your unused frequent flier miles can make a significant impact.

Last month in Chicago, United Airlines and The American Red Cross teamed up for the Teddy Bear Project that delivered a “May I Hug You Bear?” to all of the pediatric cancer patients at the Children’s Memorial Hospital.  Most of the contributions that made the Teddy Bear Project possible came from United customers.

How can you donate?

Stay in San Francisco For a Buck a Night. Yes, Seriously.

Look, we all know about the state of the economy right now, right? I mean, unless you’ve been living in a cardboard box under a bridge for two years—a cardboard box under a bridge that doesn’t get CNN, mind you—you’re probably fairly aware that we’re waist-deep in a recession.

You know what, though? It’s still an amazingly good time to travel. Right now, you can find all sorts of deals you’d never have been able to find this time last year—or even this time six months ago. There are hotels from $22 a night in Las Vegas, for crying out loud!

And one hotel is San Francisco is taking it even further. Would you believe me if I told you that you could stay in the City by the Bay—in rather fancy surroundings, even—for a buck a night? Because it’s true.