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Sleep in a Barn? Hay Hotels in Germany

Well, it seems hay fever is hitting a little early this year.

I live in San Francisco so I’m no stranger to eco-friendly trends. Vegan coworkers chide me for my diet soda consumption and sprinkle nutritional yeast on their home-cooked lunches. People collect used cooking oil from their favorite eatery down the street and run their car on it. And virtually no one uses incandescent light bulbs anymore. And yet, I’ve never known a soul who stayed at a “hay hotel.”

Apparently hay hotels or “heuhotels” are the latest trend in Germany, where working farms have converted barns and other outlying buildings into communal, green accommodations for guests, complete with hay beds. Usually travelers must provide their own sleeping bags and towels and be comfortable with sharing their quarters with 10 or 15 people.

L.A.’s Still Got Its Star Power

About 10 years ago, Hollywood wasn’t really much to see. Rundown and dirty, you had to dodge the homeless and their shopping carts to see the handprints in the ground at Mann’s Chinese Theater. The stars on the Walk of Fame had lost their luster, and many tourists went back home disappointed. But last weekend, I headed to Hollywood for the first time in years, and was shocked. It’s got its star power back! The streets are clean, the stars are bright, and stores like H&M have opened up and are thriving. Once again, Hollywood is the land of movie stars and fancy cars–and I was about to have a weekend straight out of the pages of Us Weekly.

Photo: Me and a scary new friend at the Quarantine movie premiere.

Have YOU Booked For The Holidays Yet?

This news just in, according to a USA Today report airlines have cut 11 percent of their Thanksgiving holiday flights. That means 2.6 million fewer direct routes for passengers this Thanksgiving season and amounts to 3,000 fewer flights per day. Given that I recently polled travelers and found that a majority of would-be holiday travelers had not yet bought their tickets this is not good news for a lot of travelers out there.

I spoke with Good Morning America about this very topic over the weekend. It’s important to remember that many of the routes cut were unprofitable for the airlines and flew relatively empty. But it doesn’t mean that if you have been waiting around to buy you should continue to do so.