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Air Travel: One More Reason to Love JetBlue

I love JetBlue. Do I love it for its leather seats? Yes! Do I love it for the in-flight entertainment? Yes! Do I love it for the simple pricing structure? Yes! Do I love it for allowing me to at least check one bag for free? Yes (though I loved it a little more when I could check two bags for no charge). Oh, and I love it for the time they bought everyone in the gate area pizza when a flight was delayed.

But the number-one reason I love JetBlue is for its terminal at JKF airport. Specifically, for the food. And in particular, the Boar’s Head Deli. Yes, I live in the middle of Manhattan and can get a sandwich at any one of the hundreds of fabulous delis anytime I want. But trust me — the deli in the JetBlue terminal at JFK rules.

Now there’s a new terminal slated to open in September. After reading this recent New York Times article, I am more excited than ever to sample the forthcoming dining options. I even plan on taking my own advice and arriving two hours before my flight just so I have ample time to eat. Think famous chefs, open kitchens and my personal favorite feature, “Dining areas at the gates will be equipped with computer terminals so travelers can order food to be delivered to tables and check e-mail while waiting for flights.”

If you just want a quick overview on the new offerings, New York Magazine rounds them up here.

I just hope my Boar’s Head deli survives the upgrade.

Europeans to Americans: You’re Not as Ugly as You Think

You’ve heard the term Ugly American. You may have even been called an Ugly American at some point during your travels. (Although, you probably didn’t know it!) It’s a term used to describe the loud, arrogant, thoughtless and ethnocentric behavior that some Americans display when they travel abroad; characteristics that other world citizens find demeaning and downright rude.

To re-evaluate the Ugly American sentiment and find out what Europeans really think of us and each other, conducted a global poll, asking the British, French, Spanish, Italians, Germans and Americans what they thought about each other. Results show that perhaps we have been somewhat brainwashed by the Ugly American sentiment and have started to believe it ourselves. In the poll, Americans called themselves greedy, rude and poorly dressed, but Europeans disagreed.