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Congress: No airplane cellphone calls

That’s the headline of an Associated Press (via USA Today) article Thursday afternoon. Members of the House of Representatives traded horror stories of fellow airline passengers talking loudly and inappropriately on their phones pre- and post-flight.

According to the article, “With that, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee approved by voice vote a bill that would make the current Federal Aviation Administration and Federal Communication Commission ban on cellphone use during flight permanent.”



Packing Light: How Not To Bring Everything You Own

The other day, I got sent a question from Mibell, an intrepid Window Seat reader at the end of her rope. Frustrated with overpacking every time she takes a vacation, she’s desperately seeking an answer to the following question:

“How does one “pack lightly”? I know it should seem so simple, but I am just not capable of doing so. I have not traveled extensively (yet), so far have only been to the Philippines once, Mexico three times, and within California and Oregon. And every single time, I pack as if I’m moving and am prepared for anything in between a blizzard and a heat wave. If I’m traveling for a week, somehow I pack two weeks worth of clothes and many, many pairs of shoes (what if we go to the beach? I need flip-flops? What if I exercise? I need tennis shoes! What if we go out for a nice dinner? I need heels!) However, I have a new goal to go see at least one new country, city, or state per year, and I know that being unencumbered by so much stuff might make it a bit easier and more enjoyable. But at the same time, I don’t want to be unprepared – I’m a bit “Type-A” like that. Help!”

Well, Mibell: welcome to the club! I’m a persistent overpacker myself. Scratch that, I’m actually more of a recovering persistent overpacker, as every time I travel, I’m constantly trying to pick up tips and tricks for bringing less. Read on for a few ways to lighten the load.

Air Travel: Five Ways to Avoid Baggage Fees

Air travel: more expensive and more fees. We can’t control the price of air travel, but we can help you avoid a few of those pesky airline fees. Almost every domestic airline now charges for a second-checked bag, and four of the big six airlines charge for the first. Moms and dads know that air travel with the kids often means traveling with lots of gear, and no one wants to waste their vacation dollars on services that were once free. Shipping services and UPS are gaining popularity among families with (literal) baggage, but even if the cost is nominal, it’s still going to cost you. Instead, get creative and use these five ways to get around the fees.

Photo courtesy of IgoUgo member raymond longaray

Dance to Save the World

Green seems to be the new black.

It’s a trend for some, and a staple for others. Regardless, everyone feels hip and fashionable when they’re deemed green. Even Surya, a London nightclub that’s gotten flack for supposedly opening its doors as a publicity stunt, struts its eco-friendly stuff for club-goers. Its most impressive feature: a dance floor that generates its own energy.

The floor, which has the phrase “Dance to Save the World” written across it, is made from quartz materials that rub together when people dance on it. When the dance floor is full, about 60 percent of the club’s energy can come from the floor.

Rock on.

Election 2008: Which Candidate Has the Poshest Plane?

Issues, issues… sure they’re important. But let’s talk about what really matters on The Window Seat: How well do the candidates travel? As this year’s jam-packed media schedule proves, most campaign-trail maps point straight to the sky. Accordingly, both Barack Obama and John McCain have their own customized, American-manufactured Boeings to take them from baby-kissing stump stops to whirlwind meetings with foreign dignitaries.

But who has the better bird? Let’s take a look at each and see how they stack up.

Photo courtesy of IgoUgo member RoBoNC.