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NEWS FLASH: Where Have All the Frequent Flier Miles Gone?

Have you heard about the latest reduction in Frequent Flier miles at USAirways? That’s today’s news. Yesterday’s news was the fact that so many carriers were shortening the timeframe for using your miles. Note to self: Fly a lot or lose all those precious points I’ve been working hard to accrue!

The business people say the airlines are doing this because airlines miles are bad for their books. But c’mon. What’s a flier to do in order to keep their miles in this day and age?

One Couple, 10 Exotic Weddings

Cupid’s arrow still hasn’t found me. (I think he needs to invest in GPS.) But, it’s managed to find Lisa Tabb. She’s been married 10 times.

Co-Authors of Beyond Vegas: 25 Exotic Wedding and Elopement Destinations Around the World, Lisa and her husband, Sam Silverstein, eloped in 10 of the world’s dreamiest destinations.

“We chose places that embodied romance,” Lisa said. “But also [places] where people could duplicate our experience and had short residency requirements.”

Lisa and Sam wanted each of their weddings to be special – and official – so they obtained marriage licenses and scheduled officiants each time, “repeating our vows again and again and again,” she said.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I pried into Lisa’s love life to find out about their most memorable experience and if there are future plans for more wedding bells.

Top Cities for Singles

If you’re still looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Walks-on-Air this February 14th, you might wonder if your chances would be improved by a visit to Valentine, Texas or Valentine, Nebraska. Recently a single friend suggested I write a travel blog called: You Don’t Have to Go to Alaska to Meet the Man of Your Dreams. She wanted me to figure out where the most single men live so that she could vacation accordingly.

No Sleep for the Weary: Trinidad Carnival

I recently returned from a week in Trinidad & Tobago. Before you look outside at the wintry weather and curse me for basking in the warmth of the Caribbean, let me tell you that it was not all bath-warm water and coral beaches. Some of it was, I won’t lie, but I was there for Carnival. Trinidadians take their Carnival seriously and their celebration is the largest in the Caribbean—and one of the biggest and wildest in the world. Hmm, that doesn’t seem to be eliciting much pity from you either. Understandable, I suppose, but you are also looking at it with a chilly and rested eye. Carnival is all about sleep-deprivation. They say that when Trinidadians are not celebrating Carnival, they spend their time talking about how great last year’s party was, or how great next year’s is going to be. They’re not kidding; I’ve never seen people dance, drink, party, and generally revel in an event like Trinis at Carnival.

Beijing Olympics Travel Tips

From how Beijing plans to eradicate rain to when athletes will arrive in China, I’ve been obsessed with reading the latest Olympics news (and emailing it to all my friends—sorry, guys) for the past year. I thought that as someone who had both recently visited Beijing and attended previous Summer Olympics, I might be uniquely obsessed with the 2008 Games.

It turns out that plenty of Americans are not only interested, but set to attend: Travelocity’s Beijing air bookings are 70% ahead of where they were last year, and Beijing hotel bookings are on pace to be 200% ahead. With only 178 days before the opening ceremony at the “bird’s nest” stadium, there isn’t enough flight and hotel availability to accommodate everyone at the current paces, so you’d best book now—or get creative.

Here are some tips to get you there, along with ideas to let you cheer on your team while experiencing Beijing at its best.