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Wave Season Deals

Whether I’m in the market for shoes or electronics or vacations, I’m a staunch believer in getting the biggest bang for my buck. I always shop around to make sure I’m getting the best deal, and I rarely let my impulsive, girly, gotta-have-it-now instincts take control. Call me cheap, but why dole out more cash than you really have to – for anything? Perhaps it’s this commitment to saving a pretty penny that has cultivated my appreciation for cruising.

The Hygge Life (pronounced hue-gaw)

I’ve just returned from Copenhagen, where I indulged my love all things Danish: furniture, design, and the hygge culture. There’s so much about the Scandinavian vibe that we as American travelers can take home. For starters, the Danes are by and large a humble population. In fact, it is considered extremely rude to stand out from the crowd by bragging or being showy. Everywhere I went, I experienced a sense of community—people let others pass first, bus riders pick up trash after themselves, and all-around, everyone seems to have a sense of hygge.

JetBlue’s Hues Could Put Them Back In Solid Black

Wouldn’t you think after all of the publicity of late on the airline debacles and the passenger bill of rights that an airline would really try to resolve things? If a single airline could step out and be that – would they engender longtime customer loyalty or what? Oh JetBlue….You can come out of hiding now.

But no. You’re back to business as usual. Last night a relatively measly storm hit the northeast and you cancelled 68 flights. 68 flights?

While I liked your apology last week and thought it was a pretty nice PR counter-attack – especially to have David Neeleman’s apology on YouTube. (I understand that must have cost a pretty penny.) And don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of JetBlue. For a while I thought you might be the only airline who truly gets me, and millions of other leisure travelers. But the apology rings hollow if it doesn’t hold up. I wonder if there isn’t something more you could do….

Seeing the World, One Mattress at a Time

It seems the whole hotel industry is just trying to get me into bed these days. Yeah, I said it. In TV commercials and in four-color magazine ads, I’m being seduced by pillow-menu promises and lumbar-support lullabies, which are no longer just for high rollers. Many a time, I’ve found myself at check-in jonesing for a sleep fix, so I appreciate the extra efforts toward knocking me out cold, particularly since a bad mattress can put quite a crick into a vacation.

Her Majesty’s Not-So-Secret Services

Maybe it’s because I’m slightly fatigued by the outbreak of Gordon Ramsey fever here in NYC, or maybe it’s because my husband took me to London to celebrate the fact that I am now a year older. Whatever the impetus, I am suddenly finding inspiration in all things with patina, character, and moreover, age. On this recent trip, we eschewed the new and shiny in search of ye goode olde services and products with the distinction being awarded royal warrants–even if we are just hoi polloi.