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Maybe it was the Christmas thing, or maybe it was because I started writing this entry on an airplane as I was eyeing the bag across the aisle from mine. It was quite unusual and….hairy. Or perhaps it’s better described as furry. Whatever. It was distinctly animal that much I knew, but what animal exactly? Was it horse, goat, albino zebra? I decided to find out!

*Oh, and speaking of Christmas! We’re taking a break for the holiday. Please come back and visit us in 2007. We’ll be back January 2nd.

Meals Made of Italy

My worst international dining experience can be summarized in a frozen moment: I’m sitting in an Andean restaurant jaw dropped as a waiter walks to the next table over with a guinea pig on a plate, spindly rodent feet and all. Probably not the most appetizing way for me to begin a posting on food, but I bring this anecdote up only to contrast against the total glory that is being a cheese-loving vegetarian in Italy.

Vacation Sex…You Know It’s Better

Without going into detail, let’s just say I see where Danny DeVito was going with his Lincoln bedroom commentary on “The View” a few weeks ago–though I would have preferred to hear it from his buddy George Clooney. There is such a thing a “vacation sex.”*

DeVito’s rant aside, I get what he meant. Being away from home, from work, and from the distractions of our everyday responsibilities makes, ahem…you know, totally different than at home. Indeed, better…and more frequent.

Welcome to The Window Seat

Welcome to The Window Seat: a blog for every traveler.

Why The Window Seat? Because if you’re a traveler, it’s how you take in the world around you. And because it’s the best seat in the house, the one with the most captivating view – and that is precisely what this blog is about. Sharing travel perspectives and experiences.

When I first imagined this blog, I pictured a place that would speak to me like a seasoned traveler as well as a friend. I envisioned a place where travelers from all over the globe could partake in the discussion. Thus, The Window Seat is a community by and for travelers. It exists for us to log our impressions about travel and learn from others. Over time, with your help, it will be an honest and relevant resource for the latest travel news, insider destination information and travel advice.

You’ll hear from me as well as a group of regular contributors at The Window Seat. We won’t always share the same idea about what makes a trip great, but we think that’s what will make the collective voice of this blog strong. What we do share is a passion for all things travel and a commitment to provide useful travel-related information. It is our great hope that you will add your perspective to our effort.

… It is with great pride that I bring to you this first glimpse from The Window Seat.

Amy Ziff