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Here Comes the Bride… and Elvis!

I have a friend who says that when he gets married, he wants a pirate-themed wedding, where instead of marching down the aisle, the bride and groom walk a plank (note: he’s yet to find a bride taker). If he can find it anywhere, he can find it in Vegas, where wacky weddings are a whimsical nod to what’s otherwise a rather stuffy institution.

In 2007, Clark County received over 108,000 marriage applications. That number was expected to rise in 2008, and although weddings are a year-round business in Las Vegas, the month of March kicks off the “I do” high season in which Elvis and a whole host of other characters are ready and willing to officiate your Nevada nuptials.

So what are some of the weird and wonderful ways in which lovebirds can tie the knot? Beyond the staple quickie chapels and celebrity hitching posts, you can start a lifetime together the way it’ll probably end up anyway, on a rollercoaster. Or, you could beam yourselves up at the Star Trek Experience, where you’ll exchange vows on the U.S.S. Enterprise with a crowd of Klingons as your witness.

Truly, with options ranging from riding into your ceremony on a Harley and pajamas-only dress codes to gay commitment ceremony chapels and sky-high helicopter vows, whatever your wedding whim, finding the lighter side of love in Vegas is for forever—or at least the next five minutes.

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My name: Rachel Berg.

Favorite way to get around: By Venetian gondola during starlit high tide, gliding past decaying and slightly spooky palaces, with perhaps a bottle of prosecco placed between the gondola seat cushions.

View that took my breath away: Unable to sleep in the mystical city of Sfat in Israel, I wandered outdoors predawn and was treated to a purple-on-purple sunrise below the mountaintop that seemed to emerge feet-first through ground-level clouds.

Greatest travel lesson learned: Sunny weather isn't everything. Some of my best travel memories involve go-karting through a deluge turned mud-fest in Mexico, drinking tea in the cold Denali tundra, and watching electric thunderstorms roll through national parks out West.

Most challenging travel moment: Getting leveled by altitude sickness in Cuzco and realizing that my body was forcing me to slow down and rest despite the fact that there was so much to do and see.

Travel ambition: To see the northern lights.



Ya, indeed there are many options a couple can choose for their wedding. At the end of the day, it is one that suits them best and like it. Apart from all the fanciful ideas, some may just want to have a quiet time walking together along the beach to celebrate their big day. Ultimately, it is what make the two hearts in union that will last forever.

Anne & May

I really wanted to get married in Vegas and have Elvis officiate (I’m a major fan) but my husband wouldn’t go for it.

It’s a good thing Vegas doesn’t offer the NBA Experience wedding. I’m pretty sure we would have been married in knee socks and Michael Jordan sneakers…

Window Seat Jenn

I can’t imagine getting married by Elvis…or Michael Jordan…or Captain Spock! I don’t want to look back on my wedding day and say “what was I thinking?!” If you are looking for a wacky wedding experience, New Orleans is another great place for a theme ceremony. VooDoo wedding anyone?

John is right, though. It comes down to what will be special for the bride and groom. A former co-worker of mine had a small beach wedding that was so sweet and utterly symbolic. Instead of having everyone sit in chairs, all their friends and family circled around them for the ceremony. I can’t imagine a more perfect way to get married!


A bride and groom walking down the plank sounds hilarious! What a great story to tell the grandkids one day…

Come to think of it, I wouldn’t mind being married by Elvis–but only if he wears the white-studded cape, curls his lips and takes song requests afterwards. I’m a sucker for “Love Me Tender.”


One idea is to ask the Groom to sing “Love Me Tender” and with all their friends and family circled around them for the ceremony. (combine Jenn’s and Song’s idea). This can take place on the beach, botanic gardens, any lovely parks, or any square etc..If you want more excitment, when it snows …. Well, it can be a perfect way to get married after all! Anyone can be a ‘Elvis’ in the eyes of the beloved when he starts to utter “Love me tender………..”


A harley ceremony sounds pretty fun!


If you are looking for a wacky wedding experience, New Orleans is another great place for a theme ceremony.
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