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Hotel Questions & Answers

Q. How can my property get on

A. All hotels in the Sabre system are able to be on Travelocity. Your hotel/management company must participate in Sabre Hotels or the Travelocity Net Rate hotel program in order for you property to appear on Sabre offers a variety of participation programs. For more information about Sabre go to If you would like to be contacted by a sales representative to participate in Sabre Hotels, please send your contact information and general details about your property to To participate in the Travelocity Net Rate hotel program please send an email to

Q. How do I update my property information?

A. Travelocity data is obtained from the Sabre system, or the property directly} Your hotel may have changed its property name, address, or the amenities it offers and/or you may find that it isn't indexed to all of the airport/city codes that you would like. To make corrections, please contact your property management company's global distribution system (GDS) department. This department is responsible for maintaining your hotel information in the Sabre system.

If you would like to change the property description that Travelocity shows for you property, please have your GDS department use the online description tool that can be found at The GDS department has a User ID and Password (issued by Sabre Travel Network), which covers all properties in your chain or group of hotels.

Q. How do I change my property's rates in Travelocity?

A. If you are using a global distribution system (GDS) to manage your company's rates and inventory, please contact them for rate changes. Rate changes (made via your GDS department) are updated in real time in Travelocity. Therefore, once your GDS department has updated the rates and these rates are viewable in Sabre, the rates are viewable in Travelocity. If you are inquiring about your Travelocity Net Rate hotel program rates please contact the Destination Manager that is responsible for your property. If you are one of our Extranet partners, please enter the system and make your changes directly there.

Q. When will I see my Hotel Description (HOD) changes on Travelocity?

A. When you have updated your property information in Sabre, your corrected data will appear after nightly uploads from Sabre. Sabre HOD information includes location, transportation, directions, services, room descriptions, attractions, amenities, indexes, main policy, cancel, guarantee and deposit policy.

Q. I have sent in my photos and chain logo. When will they be on the site?

A. All photos must pass a verification process before being placed on Due to the increased demand for adding property photos to the site, processing time may be 3-5 days.

Q. How can I receive guidelines for submitting photos, logos, and marketing text?

A. Please see the Photo Guidelines, Logo Guidelines and Marketing Text Guidelines below for information. If you do not find an answer to your question below, contact Hotel Support at

Q. How does Travelocity determine which hotels display for each search?

A. There are several types of searches with slightly different functionality. Both search types described below use geocodes for each hotel. Hotel geocodes represent the actual physical location of each hotel using the address provided by the hotel and MapQuest?s latitude and longitude.

Point and Radius Search
The distance from a search point works on longitude and latitude (geocode) as obtained from Map Quest for the consumers? search criteria of a city, street address, point of interest or airport. Travelocity stores the geocode for each hotel based on the hotels? physical address. Travelocity uses a pre-determined radius (the distance from the center of the search point) to determine which hotels to return for a certain search. All hotels with geocodes encompassed by that point and radius coverage will be returned.

If you feel the hotel geocode is incorrect please contact the Market Manager of that destination or for assistance. Please include your Sabre property number and search details in each inquiry.

Area/Neighborhood Search
Some destinations are searched using a pre-defined geographical shape to group hotels into certain Areas or Neighborhoods of that Metropolitan Area. Travelocity Market Managers determine the setup of the Areas and Neighborhoods. The setup chosen will make sense geographically for that destination while also following general Travelocity guidelines that are non-destination specific.

When a city search is performed in one of these destinations, Travelocity identifies which pre-defined geographical shape will be used for that city search. When you search for a hotel near New York City, NY, Travelocity determines that the city lies within the shape called Manhattan Area. Hotels geocoded within the boundaries of the Manhattan Area shape will be displayed as the results of that search. The same shape maybe used to return the same hotels for other city searches when that city is also located in the Manhattan Area shape such as Washington Heights, NY or Greenwich Village, NY city searches.

When this search functionality is used, a dropdown box will appear at the top of the search results so the shopper may shop other Areas or Neighborhoods in that Metropolitan Area. The name displayed in the dropdown box indicates the name of the shape that was used to search for the hotels listed below. The name Manhattan Area would be displayed for a New York City, NY search.

Each selection from the dropdown box initiates a brand new search using the pre-determined shape for the Area or Neighborhood chosen by the shopper. If a hotel isn?t in the default search results, the dropdown box might contain a more relevant Area or Neighborhood representing that hotel?s physical location like Midtown, Soho/Greenwich Village or even Long Island Area. You can also try using the actual city name of the hotel?s physical address in a new search like Brooklyn, NY specifically, instead of the more general New York City search.

The names of one Area (and one Neighborhood if applicable) will appear on the property card for hotels located in these destinations. These names are not considered hotel content and cannot be removed so long as the property is geocoded inside the boundaries of that Area or Neighborhood.

If you feel the Area or Neighborhood of a hotel is incorrect please contact Market Manager of that destination or for assistance. Please include your Sabre property number and search details in each inquiry. Geocodes represent the actual physical location of each hotel to the best of Travelocity?s abilities using the address provided by the hotel and according to MapQuest latitude and longitude.

Q. How is the distance from search point to my property calculated?

A. The distance from search point works on longitude and latitude as obtained from Map Quest. Travelocity stores the longitude and latitude for each hotel. When a customer enters the search criteria (city, street address, point of interest or airport) Travelocity measures the distance from the center of the search point. Frequently hotels think they are closer to a search point than listed. Keep in mind that measurements are taken from the city or airport center, not from the gate, which can make a significant difference in the distance. If you feel the distance is incorrect please contact for assistance. Please include your Sabre property number and details in your inquiry.

Q. How do I update the rate range listed on

A. The rate range is obtained dynamically from Sabre with an electronic availability request. When set up correctly in Sabre the range displayed will reflect the lowest and highest rate for the hotel during the requested date range. If the information is incorrect please contact your GDS department or the Sabre Associate help desk for assistance at 800-700-8711 or via email

Hotel Property Photo Guidelines

Back to Top is pleased to offer hotel associates the opportunity to display photos in the hotel booking module. There is no charge for this service; however, the associates must provide images through your GDS department using the Sabre Photo and Logo Upload tool. The instructions on how to use the tool can be found at: -OR- Please contact your GDS department or your Sabre account manager for assistance. Once the images have been uploaded to Sabre, you can expect to see them posted on Travelocity with in 3-5 days.

Hotel Chain Logo Guidelines

Back to Top

To submit your 55 x 55 pixel logo for display, please follow these simple steps

  1. Naming Convention
    Example: ht_xxlogo.gif
    ht_ = Hotel
    xxlogo = Logo for hotel chain (identified by two character Sabre hotel chain code)
    .gif = Image type
    Please note that all letters are in lower case.
  2. Compress
    From PC: Compress files sent from PC's with ZIP compression.
    From Mac: Compress files sent from the Macintosh with Stuffit (.sit) or ZIP compression or send them without compression. (Mac OS v8.0 and earlier will truncate the file names if you transfer files to a PC disk before compressing. You can ZIP them using the ZipIt shareware available online at or
  3. Deliver
    Images may be delivered to in PC or Mac format on
    • Iomega Zip disk
    • CD-ROM
    • standard 3.5" disk
    • electronic mail to:

Hotel Property Marketing Text Guidelines

Back to Top displays marketing text for each property. The marketing text is displayed in full on the Hotel Summary page and the first 128 characters on the Select A Hotel page. Use the marketing text to promote your hotel, highlighting unique features and services. This is your opportunity to market to guests. After a traveler requests a hotel search in Travelocity, 15 properties are returned on each page. For each property returned there is white space, which if left blank reads, "Click on more to view the summary for this hotel." Travelocity can fill this space with your descriptive text. Listed below is what we need to help you market your properties:

  1. Text File (.txt)
  2. Property descriptions should come in one text file (even if they span multiple chain codes).
  3. One description, 2000 characters or fewer, per property code.
  4. Please make sure there are no carriage returns (new lines), tabs or other non-alphanumeric characters in the descriptions.
  5. Each line in the text file will be for a different hotel. The Sabre property number should be followed by a pipe (straight line) followed by the description, such as the following example:
    • 12343|The so-and-so hotel in Calgary is a great place to stay.
    • 12431|The next description would begin here on a new line.